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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Great Day for My New Sites

Yesterday was a great day for my new sites.  Both of them had some AdSense earnings!  This was actually the first time I had earned anything at all on my newest site.  It is about 3 weeks old so I am hoping that this is a good indication of things to come.  Now these results are relative because there are many days since the Panda Update that I don't earn anything on AdSense.  I will be lucky to get to $20 total this month.

But I am encouraged that I am starting to get some traffic at both of these sites.  I am hoping that I can continue to build the sites and post so that eventually I could have a couple hundred posts each at these sites.  I plan on spending about 2 years to develop and work on content.  I have already spent two years on HubPages and have 200 Hubs so I figure that the precedent is there.  I think that I will actually be more motivated since these sites will be all mine.  I don't have to worry about them being removed from the internet unless I take them down.

This is a short post, but I just wanted to share my excitement.  I have a few posts that I want to write for those sites this weekend and lots of other stuff to do so it will be challenging to be sure.  But I have the ideas in my head so it seems like it just may be a matter of writing it all down.  Sorry this is so short.  Have a good weekend.


  1. Well done on reaching this important milestone. Hopefully the earnings will snowball from here. I am still to take the plunge into this but have been looking at setting up more blogger blogs etc.

  2. Thanks. You really ought to set up your own site. Using hostgator was easy once I finally did it. Be sure to use my affiliate link, though :)

  3. Good! I got my first earnings on a site the other day. It was a $1.56 click. Good CPC! The second was 1.72! It's my highest CPC site. My other sites pull in 15 and 50 cent clicks. This was a nice change. Keep grinding, good sir!

  4. Thanks, Jared. I have gotten some good clicks on occasion. Lately I haven't been getting anything so I am hoping it is just the summer doldrums. I still need to get some more traffic to my sites, though. I think that will help.


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