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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Starting on an Ebook

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting here as much as usual.  That is because I have been busy with blogging and HubPages trying to develop alternative sources of income.  Right now, I have been making money with AdSense, the HubPages Ad Program, and Amazon affiliate income.  I may also soon be getting a payment from Host Gator, but I am not counting anything until it is in my account.

This blog doesn't make me a lot of money, and I really don't see any way to change that.  However, I will be trying to develop another online income source and wanted to keep you in the loop.  Today, I plan on starting an ebook.  I already have a topic and a partial outline so I wanted to begin writing.  I haven't done much since starting the outline because I have been incredibly busy these past two weeks.

I have been posting at Cash Flow Mantra twice per week, Grand Per Month twice per week with some posts on Saturdays.  I have also been taking my contributors' posts and getting them up daily at Penny Thots.  (By the way, if anyone is interested, I could probably use another few contributors to maintain a daily posting schedule).

I have also been trying to publish up to a Hub per day this month because I really want to get to a monthly PayPal deposit from the Ad Program.  The money will come in real handy for continuing to pay my writers and offset some of the expenses associated with the three blogs.  I actually spent more than I made last month which was disappointing.

This is one of the reasons that I wanted to develop a new online income source, namely the ebook.  I know that it won't happen right away, but if I don't get going, it will just pass me by like blogging did.  One important aspect of trying to make money online is by diversification and this will be just that.  So I am thinking I might have some time to get some writing done today.  With that, I will close this post so I can get started.
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