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Monday, December 26, 2011

Gearing Up for Grand Per Month

The launch of my newest blog, Grand Per Month, is coming up very soon so I have been working very hard to get all the content together for the first month.  I have all four posts from the hired authors and have three of them scheduled in WordPress.  I have written one post of my own, but still have four of my own to write.  The first one isn't due to be posted until January 9th, but I am wanting to stay one month ahead and have all articles ready to go by the first of each month.

This means that I also have to put together the list of February's potential topics, send them to the authors, let them choose from the list and put together a coherent schedule in the next few days.  I am hoping to get it done today so that may actually take precedence over writing, but I should at least get one of the posts written today.

I have my to-do list filled out for these 3 days (yesterday, today, and tomorrow) and am a few tasks behind already.  The list may end up spilling over into the weekend as there are certain things that must be done by a specific time.  ARRGH!  I am so busy right now.  But, I can't wait until mid-January when I go on the golfing trip to South Carolina.  It will be good to be ahead so all I have to do is answer e-mails and comments.  I would also like to write an article or two while there, but I would like it to be optional.

Grand Per Month has now been announced at my blog, HubPages, this blog, and the two authors' blogs.  It seems to be getting a great response and I have had more visits in these 2 weeks than I did from the first month of Cash Flow Mantra.  I suspect that we might be able to get over 1000 visits in January which I would consider awesome.  I am just over 2000 per month with CFM six months later so I am hoping that a major growth trajectory can occur.

I am doing my best at writing good content.  All the posts will be a minimum of 500 words.  Mine are closer to 1000.  I think the pre-launch marketing is going well, plus I plan on having a give away to celebrate the 100th post of CFM and will tie in Grand Per Month as well to get more exposure.  This will end up being in early to mid-January as post number 93 was published today.

Well, since I am so busy I suppose I better get a few more things done today.  I hope everyone has a good day and a Happy New Year!  I doubt I will post here again until 2012.

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  1. Best of luck with your new site - sounds like you are off to a great start!


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