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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Passive Income While Playing Golf

This is my favorite part of the year for passive income.  Why?  Because for one week in January, I get to go and play golf with my wife's brother in South Carolina.  It is something to look forward to following the Holidays and breaks the cold weather in half since it usually starts to warm up a little in March.

I also like it because it provides me a good comparison from year to year on the amount of passive income that I can earn while away on vacation.

Looking back at 2011 during the 7 days while we were away, I earned a total of $6.98 with AdSense or not quite $1 per day.  This year I am pleased to report that I earned $14.15 or more than double with AdSense during those same 7 days away while playing golf.

I am also especially pleased to report that I received an additional $82.47 while away due to efforts on my own blog.  This is what is most exciting because I only started Cash Flow Mantra in late May and now have 2 blogs that I will be working on for the next year.

I would dare say that I could more than double the amount that I can earn in that time frame so that I am earning almost $30 per week with AdSense by January 2013 and about $200 per week with my blogs.  At least that is the target at which I will be aiming.

There is no reason not to think that it will be possible.  I recently published my 100th post at CFM and at a rate of 3 per week should be more than double that number in a year.  Also with GPM, I should be at about 150 posts as well so that will be more than 250 additional blog posts compared to the 100 this year meaning that doubling my income in the next year would seem reasonable. 

Then in another year, I might even be earning enough to cover the whole trip.  Of course, I will be using the money to pay off debt first, but every little bit will help.  Ultimately, though, once the debt is paid off and the kids are out of the house, traveling on blogging income would be so cool.

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