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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Having Fun Watching Traffic

I recently put a Live Traffic Feed widget from Feedjit on my blog.  In case you hadn't noticed, it is down the right side at the very end of all of the other widgets and links, etc. that populate that area of the blog.  I think it is a fun little widget to follow.  I am enjoying seeing all the different world locations of all the visitors that are coming to read this blog.  I have seen visitors from Russia, Indonesia, Australia, England, and all over the United States.

I can also look to see when the visitors have stopped by.  It is obvious to me when I am looking at my blog, and I can see who stopped by while I was sleeping.  Some folk on the internet have some crazy hours!  I can also keep a mental note of how much traffic is stopping by between my own visits and how far apart visitors are stopping by.  I can tell that traffic has slowed down just a touch since there is a little bit longer time between visits.  Someday, it will be really exciting to see the whole widget filled with visits in the past few hours only.

Anyway, just thought I would point out this nifty little tool that I placed on my blog and how much fun I am having with it.  It is nothing earth shattering but does help me realize how much smaller the internet is making the world.  I always enjoy visiting new places and am enjoying seeing all of the world locations.  Why don't you comment and let me know where you are from so I can see you on the Live Traffic Feed?  LOL!


  1. Hi Kidgas,
    I love my Feedjit widget too. I have it on all of my blogs. It's fun seeing where my traffic is coming from and what links they are visiting. You can also see this information (most of it) in your Webmaster Tools at the bottom of the Dashboard page of your blog - but I like seeing it right away when I log into my blog.

    Enjoy your widget!

  2. Deanna,
    Yeah, isn't it awesome. Since I was last on this morning, I see visits from the Philippines, United Kingdom, Greece, Moldova (gotta look at a map for that one), plus several states. Of course, I see your visit as well. I just get a kick out it (maybe I am easily amused). Guess I gotta go see where Moldova is.


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