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Monday, November 29, 2010

Made First Amazon Affiliate Payment

As part of HubPages, it is possible to make money with Amazon as part of the Amazon affiliate program.  Simply add an Amazon capsule to your Hubs.  Now I am not a salesman so I have very few product Hubs.  Most of my Hubs are informational.  I will place many books next to my Hubs related to the topic I am discussing.  I certainly don't push any products.

Despite this, I have managed to get the occasional sale through Amazon.  It has taken 18 months to get to the point of receiving payout even with the low $10 minimum.  Nevertheless, a few days ago I received a direct deposit into my checking account for $11.47.  Not a large amount but totally passive in nature.  I didn't really do much to earn this money.  I simply took the time to place the capsule next to most of my Hubs.

This month has been my best month for Amazon yet.  I have shipped out 6 products and am just over half way to the next payout.  I would be thrilled if it took less than 18 months to get the next payment and eventually was able to generate enough traffic and interest to make over $10 monthly through the Amazon affiliate program. 

Like anything online (especially for me), it is a gradual process that starts out slow and picks up.  I will just have to see what happens.  Again, I am not a salesman.  I can't write for the purpose of selling.  I can only advocate those products I use myself and enjoy.  Anyway, just thought I would share that I finally got paid through Amazon.


  1. Congrats on your payout! You're right that it's completely passive, which is great even if it's small. I'm sure it'll keep building too.

  2. Great job! I've made payment once and am due for another any minute now... hovering at $9 something.

  3. Well done, Kidgas. I know the level of patience and hard work you put into working online, so the comeback you get (Adsense, Amazon, etc.) is well deserved.

    Take care...

  4. Well done on this! At least you only have to reach $10 for payout - Amazon for me is $100!

    Out of interest have most of your sales been linked to the items shown in capsules or have you gotten lucky and had people buy completely random items?

  5. Good for you! It's nice hearing when someone does reach payout. I've only sold two items at Amazon and my percentage was pennies. But this gives me hope that I may also someday earn money through Amazon too. :)

  6. Ruth,
    Thanks. I am hoping that I see enough orders this month to maybe make another $10 payout. I am already halfway there.

    I am pulling for you on that second payout.

    Thanks, I appreciate it. I must have some patience as slow as the process can seem sometimes.

    $100 would drive me crazy. It would take me a decade at my pace. At least you seem to be moving more quickly in that regard. Most of my purchases have been books that are investing and option related which is the topic of many of my Hubs. I am waiting for that random item.

    Best of luck to you. Needless to say, I sell through the Hubs and not this blog. It helps that I have 165 Hubs. I am hoping as I get more Hubs and traffic that the Amazon income will increase proportionately.

  7. Amazon is amazing. I some how sold $500 products. Earned $25. Now i have big big plans...

  8. That is amazing. I keep waiting for that big sale with a large commission. I am sure that someday it will happen.

  9. That's how I am too. I find it hard to write about a product to try and sell it. I guess the Amazon product on your Hub was just what the reader needed! It would be nice if they clicked through your Amazon link for a $5 item and spent $500 instead. It could happen during the holidays.

  10. Congratulation Kidgas!Those first payments, be they from Amazon, AdSense or other programs, are so great. I remember being so excited when I got mine too. I hope you make the next $10 threshold this month as well.

  11. Congrats, Kidgas!

    I remember a few years ago I wrote a blog post on one of my blogs about an inexpensive item that I used around the house. The item was so inexpensive that the Amazon earnings were something like 23 cents (maybe lower).

    The weird thing about it was that since the product was so inexpensive and so useful, people bought 3 and 4 of them at a time. For a while I made steady income from the product, 23 cents at a time.

    No, it wasn’t enough to quit a day job, but who knew that 23 cents could be so exciting.

    Keep it up. Just like Google AdSense, you’ll eventually make payout monthly.

  12. L.Perry,
    It would be nice. I will take what I can get and hope that December is like November.

    Thanks, Michelle.

    I always appreciate your comments. Just knowing that you are reading my blog makes me feel good.

  13. Congrats on reaching payment! That is always an exciting feeling.

  14. Thanks, Rachel. It is a great feeling. I hope to be able to make it again in a lot less time than 18 months the next time around.

  15. Do NOT give up! I make about 150.00 a day on has taken me 2 years and 40 websites to get to this point but its great!

  16. WOW! That is absolutely wonderful, Sherri. That is one inspiring comment you have there. 150 per day is impressive. I don't know that I can make 40 websites but will keep going one step at a time and see what happens.


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