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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Off to Mediocre Start

So far, December has just seemed kind of "blah", like I am stuck in the snow.  Not only is that the way that I have felt, but that is the way the results seem to have gone as well.  I had wanted to get to 200 Hubs by the end of the year, but that is not going to happen.  I am currently at 166 and just don't have enough ideas or motivation to get the job done.  I will keep striving for the 200 total and will make some goals for 2011 that I will share toward the end of this month.

I had also hoped to make payout at but that doesn't look like it will happen either.  I needed to get several more lists published if I wanted to have a chance at making it to the $10 mark.  I didn't get those done either.  Obviously, I have done less writing than I would have liked.  I currently have 13 lists and am lucky to earn a few pennies each day.  Right now it seems that my effort is better spent at HubPages since the majority of my AdSense income comes from that source.  I want to build to the level of monthly payments from Google before I go out and try to diversify.

Speaking of Google AdSense, the results there are mediocre as well.  I am getting respectable amounts of traffic comparable to last month.  Traffic overall is down from October but that was a record month.  Earnings seem somewhat slow to start.  It only takes one or two good days, however, to make for a decent month.  I am simply hoping to get to payout so that I can start counting on a check every other month.  I did get to make a Google AdSense check deposit yesterday which was cool.  That was my fourth one for this year!  I did make it more than halfway during the month of November so it should be close provided things don't continue to decline.

With my busy life and the holidays coming, I think that I will abandon all goals this month and just do what I can when I have the time.  I will make some goals for 2011 and for the month of January and post those so that I can try to establish a little intensity after the first of the year.  Last January, I got ill and it took several weeks to get back to 100% so hopefully that won't happen again. 

I hope everyone else's December is off to a better start.  I know that several have Amazon sites and have been focusing on those for the holidays.  That is a strategy that I haven't utilized but often consider.  I don't feel that I have the knack for selling so it would be a lot of learning and a big stretch to accomplish something like that.  Maybe someday.  I still need to work on getting traffic to my current stuff first.


  1. I have seen a similar thing with earnings dropping off despite no major drop in traffic - maybe there are less companies advertising now?

  2. That is quite interesting that you have seen a change as well. You would think that the advertising would have continued through the end of the year. I would have expected more of a slow down in January. I guess that means I will have to make up for it in volume and traffic.

  3. Sorry to hear that December is not going well for you. It is early in the month, however, so you may see some positive change in earnings as the month progresses. As for being motivated to write articles, sometimes you do need a break, especially since you are busy with work and the holidays coming up. I've also been distracted by other obligations and haven't been writing as much as I would like. Hope things pick up for you soon. :)

  4. I devoted most of November to promotional work--directories, blog and forum comments, book marking, and the like. I also started retitling my worst-performing hubs and checking keyword density. I will probably get somewhat more written in December than November and hope my backlinking and editorial work will pay off. I also have to get more Amazon capsules on them.

    I know what it's like to recognize how far my accomplishments are from my goals that I have to forget the goals and just slog through what I can. You have been through these times before, and sharing your frustrations and your victories has helped me and many others immeasurably. Thank you for your openness.

  5. Deanna,
    It is early in the month, and I have often seen things pick up as the month progresses. I would certainly like to see that occur again. I did manage to write a fairly simple Hub yesterday about a personal experience. Not expecting a lot of revenue for sure but was happy to get something out and published.

    I often forget my goals as well, but if I didn't have them I would get nothing done. I hope your efforts pay off for you. I am glad that you and others are finding my candor helpful.


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