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Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm Still Making Money Online

Even though it is easy to get discouraged with the recent algorithm change at Google and the impact that it has had on my HubPages traffic, I am still making money online.  I really don't think that AdSense has been impacted all that much.  Plus, eHow earnings have been very solid and are even a little bit better since the change.

There are other sources of potential income that have been added to my portfolio as well.  I was able to join the HubPages Ad Program which pays based upon the number of impressions.  So for those Hubs which didn't convert a lot of AdSense ads, this will just simply add to my revenue totals.  I have also started my own website which is slowly growing with additional content and traffic.  I am please with the progress so far this month and will likely report on it in a future post.

I just went back to look at a Hub I wrote about compounding passive income online.  When I look at the table that I posted which would enable me to earn $1000 monthly within 6 years, I find that by July of 2011 I only need to be making $53.87 per month in order to remain on target.  I have exceeded that total for each of the first 3 months of this year.

In fact, I have earned more than I did last month already and could likely surpass January's total.  The HubPages Ad Program has helped in this regard but even without it I would still be on target for making $1000 monthly within 6 years.  I know that it sounds like a long time, but I don't consider it that big a deal for a part-time gig.  The skills that I am learning could easily be used to supplement a retirement income someday.

Anyway, I just wanted to offer some encouragement and hope to those who might be feeling discouraged.  I know that I have felt that way at times this month watching the traffic fall by the wayside.  Even with this minor setback, I don't think it is the end of the world.  I still have the ability to make money online and am doing so.  I can still write Hubs and make some money from the views.  Plus I now have a website that I can grow and earn from as well.  I hope everyone else has been able to bounce back from the rough month.  Here is to a good summer.  Can't wait for the warmer weather.  I plan on doing some golfing soon!


  1. Glad to hear that your income is holding despite the Google changes. My eHow articles are also doing well and getting better each month. I didn't know about the HubPages Ad Program - I'll have to go check it out. :)

  2. eHow has been a positive for me. This month is higher than every month of 2010. It certainly helps to take some of the sting out of the rest of the changes this month. But I think I am adjusting to the new reality.

  3. Interesting. It looks like my income this month at best will hold steady and I mainly have the Hubpages ad program to thank for that since I have done practically no work again this month and my traffic has fallen by 20% and yet earnings have stayed relatively constant (touch wood!).

  4. Bristolboy,
    You crack me up! You really have the passive aspect of passive income down. It is good that you haven't lost any ground despite not doing anything. Hopefully a little bit of effort and you will see big gains.

  5. You have a great outlook -- way to keep your eye on the long-term goal and the fact that you are more than meeting your milestones.

    I think you'll get to $1k/ month much sooner than the six years you allotted.

  6. Thanks for the inspiring words, Maria. I wonder myself at times whether I will make it but have to just look objectively to realize that I am on target. Sometimes emotions get in the way of the facts.

  7. Kidgas, you have a very healthy way of looking at your online earnings, but I've got to agree with maria. I think you'll hit the $1,000 mark before your six-year estimation.

    One thing I've discovered about Panda is that quality rules and you write quality content. Over time the quality will rise back to the top while the crud...well the crud will stay where it belongs. :)

  8. Felicia,
    I must thank you for your vote of confidence and for your assessment of my content quality. It means a lot coming from you since I view you as a professional.


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