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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Plans and Goals for

Well, I am sure that many of you have had a chance to go and visit my new site which was finally put into being as a result of the most recent Google Update.  I felt that it was important to get my own content on my own domain and begin to develop an authority site on a topic which I thoroughly enjoy and for which I have quite a passion.

I have enjoyed working on the site and have published 11 static pages with articles explaining such things as covered calls, puts, and collars.  I have also begun a forum which doesn't have any members other than myself and a blog with 2 posts which will serve as a more active portion of the site allowing me to explain some of my trades and comment on the current state of the market.

I would like to take this post and lay out my plans for the site between now and the end of the year.  This serves two main purposes.  First, it forces me to sit down and write out what I plan to accomplish.  Second, it lays it out there for all to see and provides a measure of accountability that will force me to act in order to avoid embarrassment publicly.  So let's get started:

  • I plan on having about 100 pages of static content with articles explaining various aspects of trading options.  I will be able to get several more articles on covered calls and puts.  I will be able to write about the various types of spreads and explain some of the nuances of options pricing.  I could easily come up with about 50 article topics in the next 20 minutes.  My goal is to get these posted by the end of the year.  90 articles in 9 months is 10 per month or about 3 per week.  This would fit with my earlier goal for HubPages of publishing one during the week and one each on Saturday and Sunday.
  • I would like to add a section on book reviews.  I will first start through my library and write reviews on the books I have already read.  I will probably re-read several of them and offer some useful tidbits on what I find in the book and make a recommendation on whether to buy, buy cheap, borrow or don't bother.
  • I will continue to post to the blog section approximately once per week on average.  I will likely have more to say at certain times than others.  I got commentluv working so when I go to comment on other blogs, the most recent post from my blog at will appear.  I have also placed the posts at the uppermost part of the sidebar on this blog so if any of you have interest in options, you can link to them here.
Ultimately, as a result of this content generation and developing links, I would like to actually begin to get some search engine traffic and earn my first income from the site in the next few months.  I would like to see the Alexa ranking in the top 500,000 by the end of the year with some steady daily traffic.  I would like to have a vibrant discussion on options and options trading with several members on the forum and through blog comments.

I know that some effort will be required, and I expect that.  I am looking forward to it.  I enjoy taking the topics that seem confusing to others and explaining them in such a way that anyone can understand.  I think options trading can be one of those topics.  I believe I can offer an everyday individual's insight into this aspect of investing and am looking forward to the challenge.

Photo credit: Keith Williamson


  1. I love it Kidgas! It's awesome to see you get your own site going. The very best of luck to you!

  2. Thanks so much. I am pleased to have gotten going. I think it can turn out to be a very positive experience.

  3. Good luck with that - I am sure you will be able to earn quite a bit from it! It already appears that your Alexa traffic is quite high so if you can keep it going you will be quids in as we say in the UK!

  4. Well thanks BB. I had to look up quids in to make sure I understood it from your context. I would agree that would be nice to be sure.

  5. Make sure you are working on backlinking as much as content production or the content will never get seen! That's what I learned recently. Outsourcing and Automating save the day on that one because its such trudgery. Thanks for the update. I like the longterm plan and agree with creating a huge authority site.

  6. Jared,
    I agree. My biggest problem is knowing what type of backlinks will be most effective. Right now, I am working on doing some commenting just to gain a little exposure. I am planning on putting together a list of comment luv sites that are relevant to investing. The site is getting indexed fairly quickly, and I found one of my articles on page 22 of Google.


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