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Monday, July 25, 2011

Back From Vacation Trying to Catch Up

Well, I have been back from vacation for a little over 36 hours now and trying to get caught up after not doing any of my daily activities for the past week.  I did manage to get through the large stack of mail this morning and have started to slowly unpack.  Since we stayed in a house, we were able to do laundry and so came home with mostly clean clothes.

I still haven't been able to get much written yet.  I did write a post for Christian Personal Finance last night as part of a paid writing position.  I figure that it could pay for hosting fees for my other online projects and provide a potentially larger audience for my blog.  If I pass the "audition", then great.  If not, then nothing is lost.  I will let you know when it is posted so that you can go and vote for me to become one of their two new writers.

I am also working on the list of articles in my Google Reader and commenting here and there.  I had over 300 to go through.  I have knocked that total in half currently.  I hope to get it done by later tonight so that I can keep up again.  I would also like to get posts written for Cash Flow Mantra, Options Dude, and Options Dude A to Z.  I am wondering if I am trying to get too much done in the next 12 hours.

The good news is that I have a very good idea of the topics that I will be discussing.  The bad news is that it will probably take some time (about 2 hours or more) to get it all done.  And I have a softball game plus some other work at the desk to do for my rental properties plus I would like to sleep some time tonight.  Oh well, if nothing else, I should be back on track by tomorrow evening at the latest.

The biggest problem with vacation is that you have to get 2 weeks worth of work done in one week in order to enjoy some time off.  The work doesn't necessarily stop, but simply gets compressed into a shorter time frame.  Anyway, it will be a bit busier for a few days.  I would also like to get ahead on some posts for Cash Flow Mantra since I really liked being able to schedule my posts during vacation when internet access was spotty and very slow at best.


  1. Welcome back, Kidgas. I go on vacation in two weeks and am super excited! You are unbelievably productive, before and after vacation. I'm going to try and take a laptop to do a remote desktop connection to my server so I can stay somewhat productive passively while at the beach!
    You are a beast for doing all those manual back links! I was reading Cash Flow Mantra the other day. I like that site and what it's about. I can see you raking in zillions of long tail traffic on those articles. Glad to hear you are back, safe, and working as hard as ever.

  2. Jared,
    Thanks. I hope you are right about the long tail traffic. That would be good.

    Have a good time on vacation and enjoy the beach. Be sure to wear sunscreen.

  3. Hi Kidgas,
    I am finally able to view your blog again! Hope you had a great time on your vacation. Sounds like you have a lot of catching up to do. The good thing with writing your own blogs, though, is you can be a little late and no one can fire you. :)

  4. Deanna,
    Welcome back. Glad it is working for you again. I think I have finally caught up. Now I would like to get a few posts ahead like I was before vacation. That was a great feeling.


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