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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Making Money on You Tube

I don't know why I didn't realize this before. I suspect it is because I am dense and not fully in tune with the process of making money online. At least it is not a full time profession for me or I would be homeless.

I'm not exactly sure how it happened. I was either on You Tube or looking at my AdSense stats and saw the reference to You Tube. I'm not even exactly sure how I did it, either. But if I was able to do it, it was easy and only involved a few clicks.

Somehow, I was able to integrate my AdSense account with my You Tube account and begin showing ads next to the 2 videos that I had posted about 2 years ago. It is interesting in that those two videos have gotten almost 25,000 views combined. As a matter of fact, they are pulling in more traffic than all of my other articles that are showing AdSense ads.

I figured it was worth doing since I was getting some traffic and was so easy. But, guess what?! Now after only 8 days, I have earned 45 cents. Granted it isn't all that great, but it is totally passive. A couple bucks a month would easily pay for a domain name. Plus, there is a lot of potential as noted in this article about Michael Buckley.

Now, I don't suspect that I will start a parody of the news and quit my day job. But, I would consider posting a few more videos or making some educational videos on options or stock trading. Of course, I need one more thing to do in my spare time.

Anyway, if you have a You Tube account with some videos and an AdSense account and haven't started showing ads next to your videos, why not go for it and see if you can earn some extra cash? Who knows, you might just pick up an additional 6 figure income!

Here are the videos for those who might be curious:
Vee's High Intensity Training Chin Up
High Intensity Leg Extension

By the way, Vee is my personal trainer. I see him once each week.


  1. i didn't know this. Might try this out.. thanks for the info!

  2. You are welcome. Glad to be able to help. I hope it is profitable for you.

  3. You learn something new everyday. I didn't know this, and although I don't have a You Tube account now, who knows about the future. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You're welcome. I figured I was the last one to know. Glad to have been helpful.

  5. This is actually a great post. I was always wondering how people profited from youtube. I heard that some were banking, but I always figured it was due to high end advertisers seeking their services. I might actually try this I have had a few videos published.

  6. Thanks, Kelly. I thought the article I linked was very interesting. I have made money each and every day since I started. Most days are only a few pennies, but they can add up.

    I never realized that this information was as helpful as it has been. I hope some others can make some money off of this.

  7. So where did you find the option to setup adsense for youtube? I have to try this.

  8. I honestly think that I was able to get there through my AdSense account. Check under the "AdSense for Content Host" tab. Where it says "Get Started"--I am pretty sure that I clicked on that link and just followed what it said. Before you know it, it just happened.

  9. This is really interesting. I know many people who have used links on Youtube to drive traffic to their other content. I guess in theory you could also embed your Youtube video in Hubpages, blog posts etc to get extra views/earnings.

    Maybe I should put videos on Youtube when I have good ones. If only I had a good camera when I went flying!

  10. Bristolboy,
    I am actually surprised by the fact that I was able to earn as quickly as I did. Again, just a few pennies a day but it can add up over time. I am pleased so far and want to add some videos as well.

  11. Hey. Notice the traffic to your videos is increasing - have the earnings followed?

  12. Bristolboy,
    It seems like it has been fairly consistent. I haven't noticed a major change in traffic, up or down, nor a change in the average monthly earnings which are a few dollars.

  13. Thanks for replying to this message despite it being on an old post!

  14. You are welcome. I have each comment show up in my email and can track each one with the goal of commenting as much as possible. Sometimes several comments get written before I can check my email, but I try to address each one.


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