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Monday, June 21, 2010

Creating Links for eHow

I am busy creating links for all of my articles since I believe that improving my traffic will do a lot to improve my passive income.  I decided to start with eHow since on a per article basis, it is my most profitable article site.  HubPages makes more but has 4 times the number of articles and only makes about 2 times the income.  Now not every one of my Hubs are evergreen so I can't expect all of them to be making money.

All of my eHow articles have links on Xomba, and I am getting close to being done with Shetoldme.  From there I plan on moving to Redgage, Snipsly, Folkd, and StumbleUpon.  I am trying not to do too much at one time since I would like it to seem somewhat natural.  The Xomba links were done last year so any new links will be fresh.

It will take some time to get all of them completed but I am hoping that I will be done with all of the eHow links by mid-August.  That would give me 9 months before my second anniversary to see if there is an impact upon earnings.  I believe there will be and that I might be able to see my average earnings up 1.5-2 times.  At least all I can do is try.

Then I plan on moving on to my HubPages articles.  I will probably mainly link the evergreen articles.  It will take quite some time (probably to the end of the year) since I have 143 Hubs.  Again, I think it will be very useful for increasing traffic and building up the income at the same time.  My HubPages traffic has been increasing naturally throughout 2010 so I think the links will give it an added boost.

What do you find helps you with traffic?  Are there other sites than the ones I mentioned that you would recommend for link building?  Thanks for reading and commenting.

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  2. I use exactly the same sites as you for link building. I have a spreadsheet and use a scatter gun approach whereby I choose pages/articles which haven't been backlinked and backlink them with a particular site. This gives the option of a more random backlinking which should hopefully look more natural to both casual observers and bots.

  3. BB,
    I have an Excel spreadsheet that I have with a row for each article and the columns for the linking sites. I was wondering if a scatter approach would be best and have done some of that.

    I think I would still like to get eHow completed relatively soon but probably should mix in a few other articles as well. I have been placing anywhere from 2-4 links per day depending upon how busy I am. I did two this morning and will likely do a couple later this evening.

  4. That seems like very good going. I have exactly the same method. I reckon backlinking really does help - I have seen an increase in income of over 50% on some of my older articles and all I have done is a little bit of backlinking to one or two of the sites mentioned above so hopefully when all my articles are backlinked on all sites I could be getting quite an increase in traffic (plus in many cases the backlinking site allows me to earn a little bit!).

  5. I really hope that it does work. I could use a nice little boost to the income.

  6. I'd like to follow your blog, but I'm just not a readers-type of person. The only thing that works for me is getting new blog posts in my email. I don't see the Subscribe Via Email widget here. Maybe I'm just overlooking it, but if there isn't one, could you please add it?

    I'd really appreciate it and I'm sure there's others out there like me. If you could just drop me a line, then I'd know it's there. Thank you and take care! Oh, and I have the step-by-step instructions for doing it for BlogSpot, if you need them.

    I'm following you on HubPages too. Nice to find a fellow HubPages person. I'm Kind Regards there.

  7. Victoria,
    Well, I have added the email subscription box that you have requested. Hopefully, this will work out well for you and others who choose to use this method of subscription. Thanks for pointing this out. I had no idea that it existed.

  8. I signed up for SheToldMe but haven't used it yet. Have you earned any Adsense from using STM?

  9. Carrie,
    I have earned $4.50 using STM, but have not used it near enough. I suspect that if used more effectively, I could earn more directly as well as more indirectly via links and other SERP benefits.

  10. That's not bad, especially if you are using it mainly for links. Better than nothing.

  11. Carrie,
    No that is absolutely true. Getting a few bucks for doing something I would want to do anyway is a good deal.


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