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Friday, June 25, 2010

Encouraged by Affiliate Income

I have recently started seeing a few orders from Amazon capsules associated with HubPages.  To me that is very encouraging since I didn't think that I would ever really sell anything.  Most of my articles are informational and aren't product related.

I know that there are several Hubbers who do very well on a monthly basis by creating prodjavascript:void(0)uct based Hubs and selling via the Amazon affiliate program.  I also know that this holds enormous potential through independent websites as well.  It simply becomes a matter of writing enticing ad copy and driving traffic to your Hubs.

Now I certainly don't expect to make a fortune doing this, but I can state that it is likely another piece of the puzzle and an area which deserves my consideration.  Now that I am getting better at seeing more consistent traffic, the likelihood of seeing some sales will be increasing.

Here are my Amazon results since I first started writing online at HubPages:

Amazon Q2 2009—4 clicks
Amazon Q3 2009—87 clicks
Amazon Q4 2009—100 clicks, 1 order, $0.94
Amazon Q1 2010—58 clicks
Amazon Q2 2010—91 clicks, 6 orders, $3.90

As you can see, I have not quite made $5 yet but the number of clicks has increased from the first quarter of 2010.  I would like to see that number increase and add some more sales so that I could make the $10 payout by the end of the year.  As a result, I will be working on adding Amazon capsules to those Hubs that don't have any and continue to work at driving traffic.

Granted, I have not earned a lot but I am starting to see some possibilities with this form of revenue.  If I can continue to develop this source of income as well as AdSense, that would be a good thing.  Let's see if I can get to that magical $10 mark by the end of the year.   


  1. Hi Kidgas,
    I think it's great that you are seeing some sales from Amazon on HubPages. I've been using Amazon on different sites for some time and have seen no sales yet - so now I know there is hope. :)

  2. Getting sales from Amazon is all about targeting sales exactly for a particular product. I get Amazon income which exceeds yours from hubs, but this may be due to certain hubs of mine being targeted directly at getting Amazon sales, for example I have one called 'Buy Rubber Teachers Stamps Online'. This has led to a few sales through Amazon (although due to the value of the product these aren't massively rewarding). This page has less views than many others yet earns much more from Amazon and this I believe is due to the page being very targeted for selling a particular product.

  3. @Deanna,
    Thanks, I think it is great also. I wish you the best of luck with your Amazon sales and that you get that first one soon.

    I have no doubt that targeting products as you describe will generate more sales. I may go out and try such a technique now that I am seeing some potential.

  4. I had Amazon on some hubs that weren't even related to products and found I was making about $10 a month since last August, which has unfortunately stopped for some reason in the last few months. But at least it shows the potential is there! Plus people who shop on Amazon will often buy extra stuff that just the product you linked to.

  5. Ruth,
    Yes, I think it is wonderful that the potential is there. I haven't even really promoted any products but have still gotten a few orders. Eventually, improving traffic will make those Amazon links on unrelated hubs more and more valuable.

  6. Alas, Amazon will not accept affiliates living in North Carolina and two other states. At least here in NC, it's because of a feud with the state over sales tax collection. From what I read, affiliate marketing has more earning potential than article writing. Fortunately, not all affiliate programs follow Amazon's lead in blacklisting NC residents. Unfortunately, none of the ones I have signed up with have any kind of deal with HubPages. I'll have to figure out how to get readers of my blogs to buy things there.

  7. David,
    Yes, it is a shame that Amazon and the states can't get along when it comes to taxes. I wish you the best of luck with the other affiliate programs.


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