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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thanks to My Blogging Friends!

Over the past year, I have spent several posts reviewing statistics and goals.  One of those goals for 2010 was to end up in the top 500,000 websites according to Alexa traffic rank.  Well, I am pleased to report that I am getting very close.  Although I am still over 600,000 for the 3 month rank, for the last few days I have been below 500,000 on the 1 month ranking.

I decided to take a look at the Google Analytic statistics and found that there are several sites that have referred traffic to this blog over the last 30 days.  It made me realize the importance of being connected to the blogging community.  Granted, I don't think this helps directly in terms of income.  But it does provide me with a great measure of satisfaction and comfort knowing that there are those who care enough to take time reading this blog and sharing their comments and experiences.

This has been one of the greatest things for me over the past year, enjoying the acceptance and encouragement from other bloggers, many of whom are online professionals.  Being embraced by the blogging community has meant a lot to me as a part-timer.  I want to take this opportunity to thank those who have allowed me to be part of their community, who have referred traffic, and have commented consistently.

Starting in the order of appearance on Google Analytics:

  1. Ruth at  I especially want to thank Ruth for sending an average of 1 visitor each day.  She placed a link to my blog on her very aesthetically pleasing site.  Thank you so much for that!  Ruth is working on the web for a living.  She is kind and professional.  I view her as a web friend and a mentor.
  2. Brian at  Brian runs a wonderful site for fellow bloggers to interact and post their articles.  Blogengage has helped to deliver traffic and followers to this blog and is responsible for a fair amount of referral traffic.  I want to thank Brian for developing and running such a wonderful site.
  3. Michelle at  I just recently ran across Michelle's blog and was so impressed that I placed it on my blog roll the first day I found it.  Michelle is a single mom working hard to make a living online.  Her tenacity and spirit are admirable.  She also provided me the honor of adding me to her blog roll.  She is a frequent commenter on my blog.  If you ever need to look at anyone for inspiration, Michelle is the one.
  4. Felicia at  Felicia is in a class all by herself.  She made the transition from working at a traditional job to working on the internet.  She is incredibly professional and it shows on her site and in her writing.  Even though she doesn't have a blog roll, I still get a fair amount of traffic simply from commenting on her blog.  She also comments frequently on mine.  I view Felicia as one of my first web friends who has encouraged me many times along the way this past year.  For that I will be forever grateful.
  5. Kelly at  Kelly is one of my newest friends in the blogging world.  She is trying the internet marketing thing and trying to get to $15,000 per month with her sites.  I wish her the best of luck and am so thankful and pleased that she decided to add me to her blog roll.  I just happened across her site clicking on a comment one day and saw that I was there.  I was honored to be sure!
  6. Deanna at Write Moms.  Deanna is a published author and in a class all by herself.  She has been a long time friend of this blog and has included me in her blog roll.  I have gotten lots of traffic from her site over the past year.  In fact, hers is the leading referral site for 2010.  Deanna has been incredibly encouraging when I have been down and not feeling like writing.  Thank you so much, Deanna!
There are also several friends who have been around for quite awhile, reading and following this blog and commenting from time to time.  I want to acknowledge these individuals as well since I truly appreciate them.

  • bestmommy is a writer on many of the same sites on which I have articles.  She is one of my friends on all of them.  She has several blogs as well including  She has been a friend for almost my entire first year of writing.
  • bristolboy is a great Hubber on HubPages and follows this blog on a regular basis as well as comments frequently.  He is a great source of advice and encouragement.  Thanks, BB!
  • David Guion writes the All-Purpose Guru blog.  David is a part-timer like me and has been following me since the early days.  I appreciate his comments and continued support.
  • prerna is a frequent commenter I met at Blogengage.  Thank you so much for all your comments.
Finally, I want to make a special mention of Nelle Hoxie at HubPages.  She is a very busy internet marketer who makes quite a bit of money with the Amazon affiliate program.  She is a big source of support and encouragement at HubPages and follows this blog regularly.  Thanks, Nelle!  I am amazed at your ability to produce product pages and make money in that fashion.  I may try to do this someday but not yet.  Amazon just doesn't work for me yet.

If I never make my goal of $3000 per month online in the next 8 years, that will be OK with me.  I know that I will be farther along than I am now thanks to the support and encouragement of all my current and future blogging friends.  And I will surely be richer for the experience as well.  Here is to another year of developing friendships!


      1. Thanks Kidgas! I'm getting a lot of visitors from your site as well, which is always nice. Keep on posting the great updates, and I look forward to seeing you are a year from now!

      2. Glad to hear your blog is doing so well. It does make a difference sharing blogrolls and comments - I get a lot of traffic that way too. Keep up the good work.

      3. Michelle,
        Glad to know that you are getting visitors, too. I plan on being around for the next year.

        Thanks for commenting. I knew I was forgetting someone. I even had your whole section written in my head but it was while driving back from Illinois after attending college orientation with my oldest and 36 hours later when I sat down to write. Needless to say, I feel stupid but it isn't the first time. I edited my post.

      4. Thanks Kidgas,
        Happy to hear you are getting many referrals from my site - I know I get a lot from yours too. :)

      5. This is very interesting - always good to read blogs recommended by blogs I follow.

        Have you recieved much traffic from my site? I have recieved quite a bit from yours - I assume it is from the links in my comments such as this one!

        Well done on breaking into the top 500,000 for teh last month. I am also impressed that you are just outside the top 100,000 in the US - I reckon you should be able to break into it very soon!

      6. BB,
        I looked over the Google Analytics stats for 2010 and don't see any referral traffic from your blog. Glad that you are seeing some from my site at least. I would dare say that you are right. Comments can lead to additional traffic. That is how I often discover interesting blogs.

      7. Thanks for the mention, Kidgas. As I have said before, your approach to goal setting has kept me grounded. It frustrates me that I haven't done as well in terms of traffic and earnings as you have, but then my interests appear to me more esoteric than yours, so I still need patience and still need to keep trying new things.

        I have more than once looked around here or on another site to see what you're up to. I occasionally notice new things to try. Thanks again.

        BTW, this comment includes a different URL than previous ones. After I finish constructing one page, it will have all of my writings in one place, both by site and topic.

      8. Thanks so much for your comment, David. Esoteric interests would seem to me a reason to draw less traffic. You are certainly welcome for any ideas that you can draw from me. After all, that is the purpose of this blog.

      9. Hi Kidgas,
        I want you to know I'm following you again at Hubpages. I'm not sure why I wasn't but I bet I hit a button I should have not hit. I tend to do that. Anyway, your blog is great and reading all of your appreciation to people who follow your blog is refreshing.
        I see you offer a link to follow this blog. I am going to join now. I'll be seeing you around. Have a great day.

      10. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your kind words. It is what makes all of the effort worth it.


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