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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar

"Another day, another dollar."  How often have you heard that expression when referring to a menial, dead-end job?  People always seem to say it with a feeling of despair and hopelessness.

But, I am here to tell you that I am excited for that dollar!  Why should I be excited about a dollar which doesn't go near as far as it did 10 years ago (although if it is a silver dollar, it would retain its purchasing power)?  Because that is my AdSense income for today.  I am excited about the fact that my daily income so far for the month of August has been fairly consistent.  In fact, this is the 11th day out of the 18 so far that I have earned at least $1.  That compares to a total of only 8 days for the entire month of July.

I am incredibly pleased with the amount of consistency since I haven't seen this type of steady traffic and revenue for quite some time.  After a very non-productive month of July, it is very encouraging to see these results.  I am motivated to keep working hard for the rest of the year.  Now I should probably sit down and work out some productivity goals for the remainder of the year.  I think I will do that and post them in a few days.  Well, it is getting late so I am going to get some rest.

How has the month of August been treating you so far?  Are you productive?  Are your earnings up?


  1. That's great! August is going better for me than July so far too :D

  2. One of my aims was to earn at least a dollar from Adsense each day of this month - unfortunately on one day I earned under $1 so failed on that. However, Adsense has increased massively - already hit my target for Adsense earnings and we are just over half way through the month. Other sources of income such as Amazon are down - but then I expected this!

  3. @Ruth,
    Good for you also. Best of luck with the move.

    Sorry you missed your goal by one day. I am hoping to get to the dollar each and every day mark sometime as well. But I am at least happy that I am averaging over $1 per day. I would also like to see the double-digit AdSense day. Hoping that by the end of the year I can get that one.

  4. Good for you! My Adsense is doing quite well this month too - not a dollar a day but close. :)

  5. Deanna,
    Thanks and congrats to you as well. Glad you are doing well also.

  6. I am sure that if you keep at it you will reach the double digit Adsense day! In my experience it is easier to reach that than getting $1 each and every day from Adsense!

  7. Bristolboy,
    I have no doubt that I will get to that double digit AdSense day as I know that I will keep at it. I figure it is easier to get that spike than to be consistent, which is why I am so encouraged by this month's consistency so far.

  8. august has been really good for me as well, and this is something I've noticed from last year as well.

  9. @Rebecca,
    Sounds good. Can't wait for next August now.

  10. That is so true. It isn't all about the money but the motivational factor. Thanks for sharing

  11. Bong,
    You are right. It is amazing that such a small amount (barely enough for a coke at work) can motivate me to spend a lot of time putting together articles, links, etc. I often think I am crazy for spending the time, but I believe that it will eventually be worth something.


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