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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goals for Rest of 2010

I took a look at my online income goals for 2010 recently and realized that they had to be modified quite a bit.  So, I thought I would take the opportunity to review those goals and make some changes based upon new circumstances and directions that I plan on taking for the last four months of the year.

I will list the old goals first, followed by the modification of that goal in bold text.  This will save you having to flip back and forth between posts.

  • 250 total articles on Life123.  Life123 had suspended their writers' compensation program early in the year.  They did pay out for all work previously done which was nice and professional.  However, this goal is no longer applicable.
  • 150 Xombytes (articles) on Xomba.  I currently have 45 articles.  I am not entirely convinced that Xomba is the greatest source for residual income.  Thus I should focus my goals on sites that will actually make me money until something happens with those sites.  I do think Xomba is a great site for posting links and will continue to do this.  I hope to have every single article at HubPages linked at Xomba by the end of the year.  If you want to join Xomba for linking purposes with the probability of making some extra cash, that would be reasonable.
  • 150 articles on HubPages.  I already have 145 Hubs.  HubPages has become my main money making site.  Last month, it was responsible for the majority of my earnings.  This month, it is not quite 60%.  I think I want to go for 180-200 by the end of 2010.  I also want to have a second account and put up 30 sales Hubs by the end of September to get some Amazon sales heading into the Christmas season.  I would also like to have over 300 followers from the current 285.
  • 50 articles on eHow.  eHow has changed the format to Demand Studios.  I still have 38 articles.  I looked at some of the titles offered and did not like them.  For me, eHow is no longer applicable.  I simply hope to finish making additional links and make the $10 payout each month.
  • As for writing for this blog, I have kept up but at a pace closer to 2 per week instead of 3.  I don't plan on making any changes.  I still think I have a shot of getting in the top 500,000 Alexa rank and will continue to strive for traffic and followers.
  • I am putting my own site on the back burner for now.  I bought Michelle Adams' ebook on virtual real estate.  It is good, but it looks like a lot of work.  I would rather write.  I think I might look into having one built for me when I get a little more cushion in the paypal account to pay for a site and some hosting.
As far as earnings are concerned, between Life123, Xomba, HubPages, and eHow, I thought that it might be possible to make $195 monthly by the end of 2010.  Most of that ($100) was going to come from Life123 which no longer exists for me.  If I subtract that out, I still think hitting a $95 month with the other 3 sites is possible but will take some additional effort.  I will need to see Xomba pick up some which could happen if I am busy using the site for links.  I think I might be close to $60 this month so $95 in a month by the end of the year is not outside the realm of possibility.

So, what are your goals for the rest of the year?  Have you even bothered to look at your original plans for 2010 to see your progress?  Feel free to shout out and comment.

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  1. Hi Kidgas,
    Just thought I'd remind you that through Demand Studios/E-How you can create your own assignments. So you can submit an article of your own choice instead of picking for the list of titles available. I tried one so far and it went pretty good. In 3 weeks I made .76 cents from the one article I have on there. Yes, not a lot, but if you add 10-20 articles, the earnings will add up. Just wanted to let you know that you have that option if case you want to try.

  2. Deanna,
    Thanks for the information. I was unaware that I could pick my own assignments. That certainly sounds like a better option than the titles that I was reading. I am glad that you let me know about this since I may very well look into it.

  3. Kidgas,
    I’m impressed by your goals. I’ve been blogging for less than 6-months and my goals are still related to building awareness and developing online relationships. I’m going to be adding consulting services to my blog. So far, I’ve mainly been making money through jobs that I’ve been offered through connections that I’ve built online. Basically, someone has read a post of mine or read my blog and they’ve reached out to me for help. I’ve been moving blogs from free blog hosting to self-hosted domains and I’ve created a few CMS websites. While that brings in money, my aim is really to create sites and make money by not working so hard. :)

    I do have plans for a few articles on HubPages and I’m going to get more aggressive with affiliate marketing. I do not want to clutter my main blog with ads but I intend to develop specific mini-sites aimed at very niche markets.

    Do you guest blog? You write well and you seem to have submitted a lot of articles.

  4. Kidgas,
    Why don't you create your own eHow titles through Demand Studios to continue to build your eHow article library? Writing eHow articles with your own titles through DS is almost as good as writing directly for the site in the "old days." I highly recommend for those who don't wish to write their own sites or blogs, that they continue to use ehow to build residual income online.

    I recently re-evaluated my 2010 goals as well. I had planned to hit $5k/month by December, but realizing that is unrealistic at this point, I'm working to build up my websites and blogs to have a strong foundation going into 2011 and hope to hit that $5k/month mark by June-September 2011.

  5. @Sherryl,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I certainly appreciate it. Sounds like you are doing well by making a little money on the internet with the goal of moving from active toward passive income streams. It seems like that is a popular approach. Since I work full-time, I am solely working on the passive approach.

    I have considered guest blogging although have not done it yet. I would certainly be interested if you want to discuss something.

    I really didn't know until writing this post that it was possible to propose my own title at DS. It certainly sounds like a viable strategy that I will consider. I think right now I have quite a bit on my plate so probably won't get to it until next year.

    $5000 monthly is certainly an impressive total that I have a little difficulty comprehending right now since I am quite far from that total. I have no doubt that you will eventually get there given your history of hard work and dedication to building passive income. Very impressive!

  6. Hi Kidgas,

    Great post about re-evaluating your goals. Mine have also changed since January, because I am nowhere near where I wanted to be. I was aiming at $1.500 per month by December (ha, like that's gonna happen!). I'm not even making $150 yet. =)

    I think establishing goals is good because it helps us focus, but we should be flexible to re-evaluate and change them when necessary, like you did. I should probably do this as well...

  7. Thanks, Selena. Sorry to hear that your goal got adjusted downward from $1500. I wish you the best between now and the end of the year.

  8. My goals are very simple really! Try and earn over $150 and get to 50 hubs (currently on about 46). If I can do that I will be happy!

  9. Well, it should be easy to get finished with 4 more Hubs. I am confident that you can do it. I am also confident that you can get to your earnings goal as well. I know that the last time I looked, you were doing a little better than I was. If August has been fairly strong for you, odds are in your favor.

  10. Hi Kidgas, I've set my own goals at around the $160 extra a month mark (currently building upon $1800 from last month). 10 months ago I was earning only around the $550 mark, so seems things are on track. However, I don't use any free stuff at all now, with exception to very occasionally using things like Squidoo and Blogger to build in some backlinks if I have the energy for it anyhow. I used to write a lot of content but not any longer - I find it really hard work, to be honest. And I'm not quite at the point whereby I want to be outsourcing much writing (I have done that in the past but it did not entirely pay off due to my own naivety, really).

    I see Selena set her goals at 1.5K US by the end of 2010, but yet she is just about hitting the $150 mark. This strikes home with me - its very important to be realistic with income goals (or any goal, for that matter) simply because if we set our goals way too high, we lose motivation to keep on pushing forwards. I'm guilty of this, so I kinda know what I'm talking about ;-)

    Good luck with your progress Kidgas! And watch out for that "burn-out" factor!


  11. Joseph,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You make an excellent point about being realistic in goal setting. I have a tendency to set the bar very high and that can set me up for possible discouragement down the road. I am trying to be very realistic with the internet goals and make logical conclusions based upon likely scenarios.


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