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Friday, August 27, 2010

Hoping for a Strong End of August (Plus Free Golf)

August 2010 has been one of the most consistent months for AdSense earnings that I have seen in a long time.  It is very encouraging, and I hope that it is a sign of good things to come for the rest of the year.  Even if things don't quite go as expected, I need to keep things in perspective and realize that I am building on the future.  Everything that I do now will benefit me a year and two years from now.

Also keeping things in perspective is the fact that last August my AdSense earnings were $20.85, and I have already doubled that total with a few days yet to go.  I am also closing in on my all-time best AdSense month of $45.95.  If I start seeing this type of consistency in the last four months of the year, then it might be possible to receive a check from Google every other month.

As mentioned in the previous post, I want to start working a little on Amazon earnings since I am very close to a $10 payout.  I want to have 30 product Hubs (up from a current 3) by the end of September so I will have quite a bit of work to do next month and have to find the time to do it.  That is the biggest problem for me currently.  Finding the time to compose Hubs during soccer season is incredibly difficult.  I will go to work in the morning, go to my daughter's soccer game from work, and then go to pick up the others from gymnastics practice.  The end result is that I am gone from 6 am until 10 pm three or four days each week.

Oh well, I can only do what I can get done and not let it get me down.  I have to maintain my physical condition and mental sanity which is why I have been taking a decade long approach.  I am in a marathon and not a sprint and will have to make year to year comparisons rather than focus on month to month as much.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is doing well.  The weather here in Indiana has been fantastic for August with mild evenings and low 80's highs.  There is plenty of sunshine as well.  I have the day off from work to go to a charity golf outing that was unexpected.  A colleague had a group fall through and asked me to go instead since the fee had been paid.  I can't think of anything better than free golf.  Don't worry, I won't feel too bad if I don't get any Hubs written today as long as I am putting well!  LOL!


  1. Wow! At least you're doing great with your Adsense. I have been very busy offline that I wasn't able to check my blogs and took care of my Adsense earnings. Hopefully, for the coming weeks, I can manage my time for my online stuff.

  2. Fjordan,
    It is tough to find time to work online when you have other offline work to do. I just have to try to find a little time each day to squeeze in a few things. Sometimes I can write, sometimes all I can do is make a few comments or links. But I am trying to do just a little each day and see what happens.

  3. You should enjoy your time on the golf course. After all you can't hope to be a real success if you don't lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  4. Joella,
    I wholeheartedly agree. By the way, I did have a great time playing and felt very relaxed afterwards.

  5. Good for you Kidgas. Take your time and those are some earnings for Adsense. I am close to making the payout, so I'll wake to next month and see what I do.. I am currently building some websites to try to make more money. I felt it was time to start building some websites and getting more traffic. It is kind of tough but I am taking my time with. Good success to you and hope you do great in the upcoming months..

  6. Thanks, Jennifer. I wish you the best on making AdSense payout yourself and getting those sites up and running. I hope you do great as well.

  7. Hi, interesting to read about your growing income from Adsense. I think an upward trend of earnings has got to be nothing but positive. Great effort achieving that while also working and taking care of the family. Sounds like a big effort to do the 30 hubs, I hope they go well for and help push your earnings ahead even further.

    Enjoy your day off at the golf!

  8. @Mike,
    Thanks. It will be quite some effort to get the Hubs done this month. Unfortunately, yesterday was pretty busy and I didn't get any done. I want to go for one each day so I will have to make up some work today.


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