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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Online Earnings Report for Third Quarter 2010

I enjoy reading about the earnings of others since it can help to motivate and encourage.  I think knowing about the struggles that others face can also be encouraging knowing that we all go through similar experiences.  I also think that it is good to see the progress that is made despite the struggles.  I think that is why the earnings reports are my favorite posts.  It allows me to look back and when I feel like I am not making any progress, realize that I actually have.

I choose to do quarterly reports since there can be a little more variation in the monthly reports.  It allows me to look at larger trends in my earnings.  Of course, I am constantly keeping the data so that I know when one month is bad and work to improve the next month.  But comparing this quarter to the last and to the quarter one year ago allows me to see where I have been and to see the results of my hard work.  Even though I am not working on online income as a full time venture, it is a lot of hard work when I do have the time to spend on it.  So, here are my earnings for the third quarter of 2010:

July 2010 - AdSense earnings: $34.86  +  You Tube: $4.51 + eHow: $19.16 = $58.53

August 2010 - AdSense earnings: $44.34 + You Tube: $1.41 + eHow: $13.01 = $58.76

September 2010 - AdSense earnings: $56.37 + You Tube: $2.76 + eHow: $11.17 = $70.30

When I look at the earnings above, I clearly see a markedly positive AdSense trend.  I believe that this is a result of increased publishing of Hubs at HubPages.  I have seen an increase in both traffic and earnings as I have been more active recently so I think it would be wise to continue to put forth a decent amount of effort without burning out.  I also have noticed a decline in the earnings for eHow.  I am not sure what I can do about this since the format changed and I haven't added any additional material.  My plan is to just allow it to fluctuate and remain totally passive income.

Compared to the second quarter, my earnings are also up.  In the second quarter I earned $123.56 whereas in this quarter the total is $187.59.  That is a very substantial increase in my opinion.  Furthermore, compared to the third quarter of 2009 when I earned $101.01, it is up over 80%.  Obviously I am making progress.  My goal is to continue to earn more each and every quarter.  If I can simply increase my earnings by 5% on average each and every month, I will be making a substantial amount within a few years.

If you look at my Hub on compounding passive income, you will see that I am almost a year ahead of schedule.  I want to keep up that intensity and be making over $100 monthly by next summer so that I can be getting monthly checks from Google.  With September's results, I am more than halfway to that goal.  The other cool thing about the third quarter is that for each of the 3 months, I averaged more than $1.50 per day with AdSense.  Of course there were days when I only earned a few pennies, but others when I earned significantly more.  Overall, it seems like I am having more consistently better days, and I like that.

I am still waiting for that double digit AdSense day, but I feel that it will be coming up before the end of the year, especially if I can continue to publish at a decent pace.  I have had some really solid days over the past month so I think I am on the verge of a breakout.  It will just require a little more traffic.  I am looking forward to the day when I have so much traffic that I am routinely seeing double digit days.  That will be phenomenal, and I will be sure to let you all know when it happens.

I know that several have had good earnings in September.  Here is to a great October and rest of the fourth quarter of 2010.  I offer everyone the best of luck and my best wishes.


  1. I also really look forward to the monthly earnings reports for both motivation and encouragement, and it's great to see your income moving steadily upwards, Kidgas. I really think you have some great things in store for you down the road! :)

  2. Thanks, Michelle. You are so kind and encouraging. I hope you are right about the future.

  3. Glad to hear that. Keep working hard.

  4. You've done well with your earnings! I can't wait until I start making money with adsense :)

  5. That's great that you have had such an improvement in your earnings from one quarter to the next. Like you said if you can keep increasing it every month and quarter you will definitely be making some substantial money in the years to come!

  6. Thanks, Carla. I wish you the best in your efforts.

    I am encouraged by the improvement. Even though it is not as much as some have seen, I must remember to compare the results against my own efforts.

  7. Looks like you are doing great! I think you have the right idea doing monthly reports, helps you not to feel let down if one month isn't as good as the last, because you know overall that things are on the up. Congrats on being ahead of schedule!

  8. Hi Kidgas, very impressive - lot of improvement in your adsense income. I'm sure 100$ a month is much closer now. It's really nice extra income, I also make around $100 now, simply collect this money to help my mom with much needed dental repair :)

  9. Grand,
    Things are improving overall, but there is still a lot of ups and downs. This month (Jan 2011) is a little on the lean side but traffic is decent. I am sure that the efforts will be paying off later this year.

  10. Hello :) I just joined your Blog. Great Idea this money making blog. Could you please tell me if you have an article on how you set up all this to have an income?

    I'm totally new to this idea. I would be greatful for any help =).


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