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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update on List My Five

It has been awhile since I wrote an update on  For those who don't know, I started writing some at the site having joined the writers compensation program.  If you want, you can read more about why I signed up for ListMyFive.  I have also written a few other updates in this blog as well which you can find in the archive along the right side of this page.

The site seems to be picking up more and more traffic.  As I write this, the site's Alexa ranking for 3 months is 121,543 and for 1 month is 61,007.  Compare these to the rankings on October 5th of 245,519 and 86,673 respectively.  So, the trend is definitely positive.  There are a lot of former writers from eHow who seem to be working to market the site and add content.  I think there is a lot of potential with the site.

Personally, I have written 10 lists so far.  I published 7 in September and only 3 in October.  But, I was out of the country for 10 days and was sick for almost a full week following that trip.  I am only now just starting to feel back to 100% of normal.  I had hoped to have more lists published by now but it is what it is.

I do seem to be getting a reasonable number of views, but it is hard to assess what it actually means since the number of views increases rapidly when tweeting.  I am excited since my most recent list was indexed in Google within 48 hours without any help from me.  That means that the site is getting more internet respect which is also promising longer-term.

I am somewhat disappointed with my earnings this month.  I had hoped to make payout by the end of the year.  I still think that is possible but I would have been more encouraged had I earned more than $1.21 so far in October.  That puts me at a total of $3.50 meaning I will have to earn $6.50 during the next two months. 

It is possible but I will have to publish quite a bit more I believe especially in the month of November.  I don't think I will make it unless I get to 20 or 25 lists by the end of next month.  On a positive note, I do have about 10 different ideas already written down, and it doesn't take all that long to write and publish once I get going.  Now that I feel better, I suspect I will be able to get some more done.  Well, that is all I had to report.  Things seem to be going according to plan and about the way I would expect.  Now I just need to get it in gear and publish a little more so that I can realize the potential of the site.


  1. Hi Kidgas,
    Sorry to hear you've been sick - glad to hear you are feeling better. Sounds like List My Five is showing some promise. It does usually take 20 to 30 articles on any site before the earnings really add up. Sounds like you have a good start though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Deanna,
    Hello to you as well. I was unaware of a specific number of articles per site to earn, but I am not surprised. Glad to know that 20-30 is what you would anticipate. I am making monthly payout at eHow with only 38 articles but not seeing much growth. I guess your number makes sense.

  3. The more you have, the better off you are for sure. But quality is important too. I am glad you're feeling better. Drink lots of fluids and get lots of rest though so you can stay healthy! The online community needs you! :)
    Peace and Love,

  4. Thanks so much, Meagan. I appreciate your positivity and encouragement.


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