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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Celebrating Small Victories

I just got back from my South Carolina golfing trip about 48 hours ago and am getting back into the swing of things here in Indiana.  I got to come back from some short sleeve weather to 6 inches of snow and single digits temperatures.  What a shock!

But just like on the golf trip where I have to compete in the "A" bracket against guys shooting about 15 strokes better than me for skins and pins, so it is on the internet.  I have to celebrate the small victories.  It is a major accomplishment on the course when I get a few skins (meaning I got a better score on a hole than all of the other "A" golfers which for me meant a par).  Likewise, I have a few major accomplishments to celebrate for 2011 even if I don't quite match up with some of the other internet gurus.

So, I would like to list my accomplishments to encourage myself and others:
  • Before leaving for golf, I was able to maintain my publishing schedule and publish 9 Hubs (I even published one while in South Carolina but it is difficult to keep up when physically tired from 27 holes each day).
  • Even though it doesn't look like I will meet the earnings target this month, I am already ahead of my worst AdSense month from 2010 with several more days to go.  I am also getting some earnings virtually every day.
  • Traffic is more than double compared to January 2010.  In fact, my worst day this month was better than every day except one in January 2010.
  • I had 58 Amazon clicks in the first quarter of 2010 with no orders.  In January 2011, I have had 85 clicks with 7 orders.
  • Linking at SheToldMe is paying off since it now shows up as a traffic source for my articles at HubPages.
  • I have added followers on this blog and HubPages.  I am almost at 600 followers on HubPages.
  • My Alexa rank on this blog has been steadily declining and is under 400,000 for the 1 month ranking.
  • EHow earnings have almost doubled compared to January 2010.
 Even though I am missing the earnings target tripling goal, I am seeing plenty of positive response to my efforts and will have to keep up the intensity.  The earnings will be a lagging indicator but from what I am seeing above, they should be improving in the next several months.  I am really excited about Amazon since that is something on which I am not focusing and I am still seeing positive results.  I also have to remind myself that the effort I am putting in now will benefit me next January and the January after that and on and on as well.

I hope this has been uplifting for someone.  I know it can get discouraging to feel that you are making no progress but looking back at a year ago will reveal otherwise.  That is why it is helpful for me to keep the data that I do.  I hope everyone has a solid remainder of the month.


    1. I think it's great to keep a positive perspective like this to keep optimism alive. There is no point in doing social comparisons if we are going to use it to drag ourselves down. It's only a frame of reference so we can see where we want to go, not mope about where we are at. Know what I'm saying!?!? Good post, sir. I always enjoy.

    2. Good for you! I hope the traffic keeps growing and the earnings grow with it. It's encouraging to hear you are doing so well with Amazon sales. That is one area that I need to work harder on in the future.

    3. Thanks, Jared. I like your point about using comparisons as a frame of reference and as a guide to what is possible.

      The Amazon sales seem to be taking care of themselves. Imagine if I actually put some real care and effort into them. I may have to do that someday.


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