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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Earnings Report for Fourth Quarter 2010

As is my custom, it is now time for reporting quarterly earnings.  I have shied away from monthly earnings because of the variability whereas I would hope to be able to see some positive progress when comparing one quarter to the previous and especially when comparing a quarter to the previous year.

I am pleased to report that the fourth quarter of 2010 did indeed show progress.  I experienced several firsts during the quarter.  It turns out October has been fairly good to me.  I saw my first (and only so far) double digit earning day in October on record traffic for the month.  I can only hope that October continues to improve into the future and that I can continue to improve traffic levels throughout 2011 until that time of year.

Here are my earnings for the final 3 months of the year:

October -- AdSense $62.71  eHow $15.55  ListMyFive $1.29
November -- AdSense $56.54  eHow $13.59  LM5 $1.73  Amazon $11.67
December -- AdSense $55.17  eHow $13.28  LM5 $0.40

Grand Total -- $231.93

Compare this to the final quarter of 2009 when I earned a total of $191.71, and I managed to increase my earnings by almost 21%.  That is certainly respectable but my plan for this year is to triple my AdSense income over the year.  It will take quite a bit of effort with a subsequent increase in publishing and traffic compared to this year.  But I think I am up to the task and have it broken down into manageable pieces during the year.

I would also like to add my own sites to the AdSense mix somehow.  I am still working on that and will keep you up to date on those plans.  In the meantime, I will continue with what I started in terms of publishing on HubPages and building links.  In reading many of the other online earnings reports, it seems like the fourth quarter was decent for many people.  Let's hope that momentum continues into this new year.


  1. This is amazing. How many sites are those number for? This one or does that include the Hub Page as well. Thanks for sharing. I am planning to start the ad sense program. Any post on getting started there?

  2. This includes HubPages. I would head over to HubPages and look up some Hubs on getting started with AdSense.

  3. Although I am a huge fan and for a long time most of my income was from hubpages - you do need to get your own sites up and running - self-hosted - not on blogger either - they take longer to rank but in the end they pay of very well!

  4. Thanks again for the advice, Lissie. It sure seems like I need to get on it, eh?


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