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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Challenge Has Begun

Well, the HubPages 30 hubs in 30 days challenge has begun, and I have published 2 hubs already. Now I had worked on them on Thursday and had them already to go but waited until today. I published one at 10 minutes after midnight in Indiana and the other this morning. I don't have any work done on anything else yet. I have several ideas. Some of my hubs will be keyword oriented and take some work and research. Others will just be some basic information that won't take a lot of effort to put together.

Here are my first two hubs for the challenge (please read them and let me know what you think):

Improve Your Golf Swing with the Medicus Driver
7 Ways to Make Extra Cash with Your Body (this one was fun to research)


Here is a great blog ( by Lissie over at HubPages. One of the things that I have learned recently has been taking the information that I research for my hubs and using it to produce similar content on multiple sites and then linking those sites to each other. I think I saw that information on Lissie's blog but have been reading so much stuff about this on the internet it is hard to keep track of the source.

So, while I am working on the HubChallenge, I will try to be taking some of the information and re-working it at eHow and Squidoo. I decided I would work with Squidoo as well since one of my lenses (with my Indy 500 pictures) has gotten 8 views in the past week plus one Amazon order for which I will get $1.58. Go figure! Just when I had written Squidoo off, this happens.

Goals from Now til August

So, here are my goals for the end of August, after which I will probably need to slow down a bit and get some other things in order, but we will see how busy things are. I want to be at 70 total hubs by the end of August getting about 50 total views across all hubs. That is less than one per hub per day but would put me at 1500 views for the month of September assuming the same pace.

I currently have 3 eHow articles that I published yesterday and today. They are taking about 20-25 minutes on average since I already have much of the knowledge. I would like to take the hubs I have and the ones I will create and adapt for eHow while providing links. I don't expect to earn anything with eHow until September but would like to have about 30 eHow articles by the end of August getting about 15 total views each day.

Finally, I would like to create another 12 lenses with the information I gather for hubs as well. Again, I don't think the traffic is as easily attainable for the lenses. Maybe I could get 10 views per day on average for the month of September. Apparently, Adsense earnings are more difficult with Squidoo, but Amazon's are better. I will try to gear Squidoo toward specific products as much as possible.

To summarize:
  • 70 hubs with 50 daily views going into September
  • 30 eHows with 15 daily views going into September
  • 30 lenses with 10 daily views going into September
  • This blog with 20 daily views by September

That would give me a combined traffic of 95 daily visits. I might even be able to top that but I want to keep my expectations modest. I would expect that I could earn about $1 per day by then meaning I could earn $30 online for the month of September. I will certainly keep a record of this and plan on reporting quarterly on this blog. The first report will show earnings for June, July, August, and September since I started with my first activity on May 26, 2009 on Squidoo.

Til next time. I have a lot of publishing to do. Yikes! This passive income is hard work.

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