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Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting Started

I am creating this blog to follow my journey of creating online income. I plan on making updates approximately each week, posting my progress regarding what I am learning and earning. I also plan on posting useful links and examples of the possibilities regarding online income. Right now this is just starting out as a hobby, but who knows what could develop. I also plan on doing everything without putting in any of my own money and just using my time.

Getting Started

I ended up finding a site called (if you click on the link, search for Kidgas and read my lenses) while searching for online money making opportunities. It is a site where you create lenses (which are essentially webpages) and place modules from Adsense and EBay on each lens. When people click on the ads or purchase something through your link at EBay, you can earn money. It is up to you to create the content. I created 3 lenses but haven't gotten enough traffic to do anything. While searching forum for Squidoo to gather more information (many on the forum have online experience), I ran across a place called HubPages.

HubPages and Kidgas

I looked at HubPages and decided to give it a try as well. It is a site with essentially the same model as Squidoo. You create original content and can place ads from Adsense on your site, along with capsules from Amazon or EBay. Unfortunately, EBay is eliminating secondary affiliate sites effective August 1, 2009 so this avenue of earnings will not be available. One important difference between the sites is that Squidoo requires you to be in the top 85,000 lenses before you earn anything. Because it has allowed pornographic lenses in the past, it was not indexed well by Google and so search engine traffic was difficult to obtain. HubPages, on the other hand, is actually well indexed by Google and I have seen some of my pages on the second page of Google already in just 7 weeks online.

HubPages Results and Plan

So far, in just 7 weeks, I have published 39 hubs and have garnered over 1300 views. I have also earned just over $8 from Adsense. I am getting some Amazon clicks but so far nobody has ordered anything. This compares to less than 20 total views on Squidoo. Needless to say, if you don't get traffic, it is impossible to earn anything online.

I plan to continue working with HubPages producing hubs and working to increase traffic with what I learn. I plan on sharing that information here. My goal is to finish 200 hubs by the end of 2009. From what I can learn from the HubPages community, it takes about 7 months to earn enough for the first Adsense payout which is $100. That certainly seems achievable at my current rate but will take some work.

Please feel free to stop by HubPages and check out my profile or read some of these or any of my other articles. Thanks for reading.

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