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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HubPages 30 Hubs in 30 Day Challenge

I am excited about participating in an upcoming 30 hub in 30 day challenge. When I first heard about HubPages, there was a challenge underway already. It was a 100 hub in 30 day challenge that was started by an internet marketing type who wanted to create some buzz and links. I am presuming that he succeeded.

Increased Traffic Leads to Increased Earnings

One of the easiest concepts to grasp when it comes to earning money online is that without any traffic, it is impossible to earn anything. I think it goes without saying that once your content is up and available to the world, driving traffic should become job number one. The best traffic is search engine traffic which means that someone is actually looking for something with a specific reason in mind. That reason could be that the person is looking for information for a report or project, is looking for a review on a product they are considering purchasing, or looking to be entertained. If you are able to meet that need, then you might have a chance of earning some money.

Many of the people on HubPages reported an increase in traffic as well as an increase in earnings associated with the challenge. That is why I am looking forward to it. I have already published 40 hubs. Another 30 hubs will almost double my number, so I am possibly looking at a 50-100% increase in traffic. Assuming the same relative amount of search engine traffic and other variables, I could expect that my online earnings should increase by roughly the same amount. Not that they are huge, but that would still be cool. Furthermore, should this blog serve its purpose, I might even be able to get even more traffic. I plan on keeping this blog updated on my progress for the challenge which begins in 2 days on July 24, 2009. I have already been working on some ideas and doing a little bit of research. It will take some effort to keep up with the challenge as well as work, but I think I can get close to the final goal. In the meantime, feel free to stop by HubPages and checkout my current work.


  1. KidGas:

    Glad to find your blog here from Fastlane. This is one of the alias of TC.

    I have an HubPages account long long time ago and have never use it to the max. I would love to get back on it, but not sure if it will fit the stuff that I am working on.

    Good luck to your journey!

  2. Thanks much for the luck. I am learning lots and having fun in the process.


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