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Friday, February 5, 2010

Advertising My Blog

I wanted to report on my singular attempt at advertising this blog. I signed up for a month long button at a website that was related in topic to online income and blogging. It turns out that the price was right, and I had a button readily available.

I don't think that my experience will be applicable to everyone. I think it is important to try things and see how they work for you. The internet can be a very individualized experience based upon the style and temperament of a site. I am just sharing my results and will be suggesting several points that may help you be somewhat smart in your experiments.

For the month of January, I received a total of 6 visits to this blog from my advertising source. I am thinking that I did not get an exceptional increase in traffic. There could be several reasons. The blog may not have have gotten enough traffic to impact my own significantly. My button may not have been all that attractive either. No matter the reason, it wasn't that effective at this point in time. I may try again later. In the meantime, here are a few things to remember when you try an "experiment" on the internet:
  1. Make sure you don't spend too much time or effort. If nothing you are doing is working, then by all means try something different. But if you are getting some traffic and making some income, don't totally abandon what is working.
  2. Give the experiment enough time to work. You don't want to spend too much time but also don't want to spend too little. Sometimes things on the internet will take time to mature. For my purposes, one month of advertising was enough to see what it might do.
  3. Be sure that you can monitor your results and attribute them to the experiment. I was easily able to use Google Analytics to track from where visitors to this blog are coming.

I am sure that many of you have other experiments that you have tried or other criteria for judging and monitoring the results. Please share them so that we can all learn together.

PS--I am currently blogging from Las Vegas, NV. I am not blowing my kids' college funds as President Obama might have you believe but am attending a gymnastics meet with my son. We watched some Olympic hopefuls last night, and he will be competing today.

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