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Friday, February 12, 2010

Make Residual Income Online with HubPages

I received an email update yesterday from Court at the Keyword Academy who stated that from April 7, 2009 and February 11, 2010 his Hubs had earned just over $4000 with $413 earned in January 2010. That is a nice little bit of residual income if you ask me. He has 105 Hubs so that works out to just over $38 per article.

Now, Court is a professional and does this for a living. He obviously knows a lot about keywords and keyword research if he is running an academy. In a way, that might be a little discouraging. But I find it inspirational and here is the reason why.

My best earning article on eHow was published on August 4, 2009 and has earned $26.77. It is entitled:

"How to Make Monthly Income with Stocks that Pay Dividends"

Give it 3 more months and it could possibly match or surpass the $38 mark. The biggest issue is that it is only one article. It shows that I have the potential and simply need to increase my rate of successful articles through better keyword research and traffic generation.

My Personal Residual Income Online with HubPages

On a personal note, I too have been earning some residual income online with HubPages. Granted it wasn't over $400 last month, but it was $14.42 in January and is already past that figure at $14.96 so far this month.

I am seeing slightly increasing levels of traffic overall with twice as many Google searches as internal HubPages traffic. It won't be too long and Google will represent my highest source of traffic. That at least means that my articles are showing up on searches. This is encouraging.

I am not sure which of my Hubs are my biggest earners since I didn't bother to place them into individual channels in the AdSense reports. I figured that was too much information. I do, however, know my most viewed Hubs and figure that there is probably a close correlation since no traffic means no earnings.

Here are my five most popular Hubs:
  1. 7 Money Making Ideas Using Your Body
  2. Irish Tradition of Corned Beef and Cabbage on New Year's Day and St Patrick's Day
  3. Finding High CPC Keywords Using Google Adwords
  4. Generate Monthly Income with Dividend Stocks
  5. Generate Monthly Income by Selling Puts

Looking at the above selection of articles, I can deduce a few things. Making money topics are popular. Seasonal articles can do well (but I will tell you that only near New Year's Day did I get most of my views--though almost no earnings are associated with corned beef).

So if you are writing part-time like I am, then the potential to do well exists, but it will take a lot of hard and smart work to become a consistent performer. I wish all of you part-timers the best of luck and hang in there.

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