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Friday, February 26, 2010

Maddie (and Ladybird) Lay Down the Gauntlet

Little did I know when I wrote my last blog post about motivating myself to write more Hubs for HubPages that they were actually planning a contest for the month of March. How convenient! It was brought to my attention by Maddie Ruud, one of the team members at HubPages. Furthermore, Ladybird (a fellow Hubber) has egged me along as well.

The contest involves writing Hubs related to health topics. Each day another topic is presented and the requirement is to write a related article within a 24 hour time frame. It is possible to write up to 3 articles each day, but there is no way I would even begin to have the time for that.

So, what I plan on doing is looking over the available topics for the month and doing my keyword research within that topic. If I can find a decent keyword that would meet my criteria, I will make that keyword a high priority and really focus to get that article done.

Hopefully, I will be able to find some good keywords in some of the topics in which I am interested. I have always had some difficulty just writing on any topic and usually have to have some personal interest or motivation for writing.

All in all, I would like to get about 14 or 15 articles completed for the month. There were some topics that didn't seem all that interesting to me. Plus, I will be busy with another deadline until March 1st so I won't be able to get a headstart like I might if I weren't so busy.

We will just have to see how it goes. I will be sure to comment here and keep you updated. Is anyone here joining in on the March challenge? I would love to hear from you.


  1. All the best, Kidgas!! Will follow your progress.. Do keep us posted.. Am not eligible(being from India) else would have loved to participate.. Then again, maybe I can create those hubs anyways..
    Best wishes to you!

  2. Thanks, prerna. It is a shame that you can't participate in the contest but there is no reason not to be able to write Hubs.

    I will keep everyone posted.

  3. Hi Kidgas,
    Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment. It's funny, but I had stopped by your articles at Hubpages the other day and read you article on the fountains at the Belagio. I used to write for HubPages, two years ago, but gave up when I only earn $3.00 for several months. It sounds like it is doing great for people now. Maybe I'll reconsider it again.
    Good luck with your challenge. :)

  4. DeAnna,
    Thanks for reading that. I hope you have a good time in Vegas.

    It may be that HubPages has more authority now. I don't get a ton of traffic but seem to do OK. I am sure topic selection has something to do with it. Not that I could ever make a living at this yet, but who knows what extra income might come about?

  5. I am participating in the contest. Like you, I find only some of the topics interesting, but I posted two articles today and will put up three more tomorrow. I think I can get some for Saturday and get a jump start on some of next week's topics.

    Deanna commented on making only $3 after several months. My articles seem to be highly rated, but the last time I checked AdSense, I have a total of one click since I started. I hope the contest topics will generate some more action!

  6. David,
    Best of luck to you. I have not been very diligent and have only posted one contest Hub. But I have been a little more active in my writing.

    That is great that you have gotten 5 articles done! It may not pay off right away, but down the line instead. Keep at it.


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