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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

HubPages Challenge Off and Running

Well, I am off and running on the HubPages Challenge for the month of March. Truly it will be a busy month, and I am not sure how much writing I will be able to complete. But at least I am getting back into the mode of writing again after a nearly 2 month lull. Although in my defense, I was sick for a week, gone for a week, and have been incredibly busy.

My personal challenge for HubPages was just to get back into the swing of things by writing several Hubs following some keyword research and trying to focus in on a topic or two with which I might be able to make a decent showing in the SERPs. Little did I know that HubPages was planning a helpful health hub contest for the month of March.

I found out about it since Maddie (a HubPages staffer) commented on one of my recent blog posts. I decided that I would write a few Hubs on the topics that might interest me or which might provide for a good article. Anyway, I did some keyword research for the topic for March 1st which was herbal remedies. I found some decent words that I might want to target but ended up taking the article in a totally different direction. Maybe someday I will come back to those keywords but I'm not sure.

However, I think the article that I wrote is interesting, insightful, and helpful. It is entitled, "Herbal Remedies and Anesthesia: A Prescription for Disaster?" If you get a chance to read it, I would certainly appreciate it. Furthermore, I sincerely value your comments. Personally, I think it is more original than some of the articles I saw coming out as a result of the contest. It seems to me that so far (although it is the first day), people are just going after the obvious topics and rehashing what is already out there on the web.

Granted, I will do the same thing now and again if I am trying to get out an article for the sole purpose of generating AdSense Impressions. But you really should try to put your own personal spin on the information. Oh well, like I said, I won't be participating every day and will only go with those topics that are interesting and in which I might be able to produce interesting, original content. I don't have enough time to simply write articles just to have stuff online.

Again, I would like to thank everyone who stops by and takes the time to read this blog. I know that your time is valuable and there are many other useful things that you could be doing. I hope that I am able to somehow contribute some useful information about whatever topic I am covering at the time and that your time here is well spent.


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