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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Google Now Tops at HubPages

I have been waiting for this day since last fall. I thought that it might happen before the end of this month, and here it happened, on the 31st.

Google is now the top traffic source for my articles at HubPages. Prior to this afternoon, HubPages itself was the top traffic source. But slowly over the past several months, I have been getting a little more traffic from Google so that each and every day, the gap was closing.

Early on, I always wondered how people could get so much traffic from the search engines. Most of my traffic had been internal traffic and so I was amazed at what I had heard. But over time, the articles gradually worked their way into the search results. Truly patience has been virtuous in this regard.

Now, over 80% of my traffic overall at HubPages comes from various search engines including Google (US and international versions), Yahoo, and a little from Bing. All in all, it was a pretty exciting day for me. I look forward to being able to compare the amount of traffic in coming months and years.


  1. These are some interesting values. I personally hit Google as the top traffic source quite a while ago (and this was overtaking Yahoo where I once got in excess of 20,000 hits in one day due to being linked to on the Yahoo homepage). Your percentage of search engine traffic will likely increase to an even higher figure (according to Google Analytics for the last month my percentage of search engine traffic is over 93%). However Google Analytics for some reason doesnt count image search and Google searches from Google search bars on other webpages as search engine traffic so in all likelihood it is likely to be over 95%.

  2. Bristolboy,
    That is interesting. I did not know that Analytics did not count those sources. I learned something new today.

  3. Maybe I didn't phrase it correctly. It does count it, but not as search engine traffic. Instead it is classed as referring sites traffic. For example over the last month according to Analytics I have had well in excess of 100 views sourced from various Google images and similarly over 100 views from, etc and obviously whilst this is obviously organic search engine traffic Google Analytics classes it otherwise. Maybe it is worth you checking yours out!


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