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Friday, April 2, 2010

Goals for April 2010

I have to say that I have been awfully lax when it comes to the concept of goal setting, putting them in writing, and publishing them in order to provide a measure of accountability. As a result, I really haven't accomplished all that much in the first quarter of 2010. Granted, I could blame the kids' gymnastics season occupying all of my weekends and claim other reasons for being busy. But those would simply be excuses. The bottom line is that I have been LAZY and unfocused!

Well, that is going to change starting now. I am going to resume my habit of posting goals for the month and updating my progress about halfway through the month. This has to occur if I am going to continue to accomplish anything especially when it comes to writing content, building links, and having an impact on earnings.

I especially noticed this last month in regards to earnings at Xomba. I did very little for the month and the results spoke for themselves. That is why for the month of April 2010, my goal will be to post at one link at a minimum each and every day on Xomba. I will also plan on writing more content for some of the other sites as well as content for Xomba itself. Even if I don't manage to accomplish everything, I know that I will get more done than if I hadn't taken the time to establish goals.

To summarize my goals:
  • Publish something on Xomba each day of April
  • Write 5 articles for Xomba
  • Write 5 articles for HubPages
  • Write the 2 eHows that I had an idea for this morning
  • Post here 3 times per week
I think if I do these things, I can earn the last $25 needed on AdSense to get another payout. This would be another 3 month check. But, I am really going to have to hustle if I plan on getting a 2 month check for May and June. That requires averaging $50 each month, and I have yet to have a $50 AdSense month. Now I certainly think that it is possible, but may require quite a bit of active work to establish a base for additional passive income.

Sounds like I have my work cut out for me this month and next. What are your goals for April? Feel free to share.


  1. Hi. I have earnings based targets for April. Basically one is to reach at least $50 from Hubpages and another is to earn at least $5 from other sites although I realise this is actually quite an easy target. I do also hope to write a bit more (5 articles across various platforms) - as well as creating at least one backlink a day (through revenue sharing sites such as She Told Me, Xomba, Snipsly etc).

  2. That is great that you have those goals. Best of luck with them especially on the earnings front.

  3. Kidgas,
    Just curious where you stand on the ehow changes. Were you preapproved for DS? I wasn't so lucky, but might apply in the future. Still digesting it all. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  4. bestmommy,
    Sorry to hear that. Yes, I was preapproved. I had written 43 articles and ended up with 38 left after the various sweeps leaving a percentage of acceptance over 80.

    I am not sure yet where I stand. I had thought about trying to write a few more articles over there to see what happens, but don't have my laptop back yet. I will get it back today but am planning on trying to write some Hubs this weekend as part of a 60 day challenge. I have gotten behind without my computer.

    You should definitely look into a few other sites such as HubPages, Xomba, etc. You never know which will work out for you.

    My thoughts are that DS is being motivated by profits. I don't believe this is wrong as it is a company. It is simply a fact. I am not surprised by these actions. My guess is that they can pay less for articles overall and control the quality and keywords as a result. I would do the same if I were a business.


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