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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quick Update on the Hub Challenge

Well, I didn't get as much done this weekend as I would have liked but was able to continue the momentum into Monday and hopeful today and tomorrow as well. I have now completed 7 of the 30 articles and have about 10-15 days left. I am trying to get done by the end of April but suspect that the 30 days actually spills over a little into May. I am sure that some are already done writing. I know someone had 28 completed yesterday.

I have seen a definite bump in traffic to my Hubs. Of course it helps that I published 2 articles on Sunday and 2 articles yesterday. There always seems to be some initial interest when an article is published. The key will come in May when the publishing stops to see if the traffic is improved with the promotion techniques and especially in September or October of this year to see if any benefit is derived from sustained traffic and improved earnings.

Speaking of earnings, I have not yet derived any benefit at all on this front. I didn't really expect to see a major difference. As it stands it will be tough although not impossible to make enough by the end of the month to get the next AdSense check. If I have to wait another month, that will be OK. In the past I would have been really frustrated, but I have other things on which to focus instead. That is really all that I wanted to say this time. I am waiting until I am done with all the articles and enter the promotion phase before I list them here on the blog. I am sure that I will be learning a lot in the next 6 weeks and am looking forward to it.

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