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Monday, April 12, 2010

HubPages Earnings and Disappointed by Google

Bristolboy asked about my HubPages earnings from AdSense so I thought I would look it up. Imagine my disappointment when going to my AdSense account, and Google doesn't even have data available since last June when I started writing. The earliest data that they could provide was from December of 2009. I am shocked! I simply can't believe that a fabulous Web company supposedly purposed with organizing the world's data can't provide me with such simple information. My bank can do better than that.

Anyway, here is the information that I was able to obtain. These earnings are strictly from HubPages and are for AdSense.

December 2009: $10.73
January 2010: $14.42
February 2010: $26.53
March 2010: $16.55
April 2010 (so far): $5.72

I haven't typically split up the information since I figured it all came into the same pot whether it came from HubPages, Xomba, Infobarrel, Triond, or my two blogger blogs. The majority has come from HubPages and Xomba so I just mentally kept track of which site was working out better. As more search engine traffic started appearing at HubPages, the CTR started improving such that HubPages is actually performing better than Xomba.

My plan is to continue working on Hubs and develop those a little more now that I have a better idea regarding the process. I have even elected to participate in a 60 day writing and marketing challenge that I trust will allow me to learn a lot more about the process. Once I have a little more of the challenge under my belt, I will share. In the meantime, I need to get writing some Hubs. I only have one completed out of 30. I lost a lot of time this past week without my laptop. I plan on having 5 done by this weekend and writing 5 on the weekend also in order to start to catch up. Wish me luck and hope it isn't too busy this week.


  1. Hi Kidgas,
    It looks like you are doing fairly well at HubPages. It makes me think I should spend more time there, especially now that eHow has dropped the bomb on all of us. Thanks for sharing.

  2. DeAnna,
    You are welcome. I think that the increased time that I will be spending on HubPages will ultimately be worth it.

  3. Makes interesting reading! Can safely say this is the first time (that I know of!) that someone has written a blog post based purely on a comment by me!

  4. BB,
    Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it. With the interaction, sometimes I am able to get some good ideas out of it.

  5. The earnings look good - do you also include Amazon modules in your Hubs? of course there will be debate as to whether including amazon could detract from Adsense clicks, but I have earnt quite a few sales from Amazon on my Hubs. Once was a $1000 camera so got a nice commission!

  6. Thank you very much, Ruth. Of course, I wish they were better but don't we all. I have included some Amazon modules in my Hubs. I have had incredibly poor results with Amazon. Only one sale since I started in May of 2009. Needless to say, I am less than impressed with my ability to sell things on Amazon.


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