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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Slow Earnings in April

I am surprised by how slow earnings have been this month so far. At this pace, I will not make enough to get paid by Google and will have to wait for another month. I find it interesting that eHow earnings are currently 50% higher than my AdSense earnings. My CTR is less than half what it has been running.

I am not exactly sure what the cause of it all could be. It could be simply seasonal variations that I have not been exposed to yet. I know the weather here in central Indiana is getting nice and I would rather be enjoying the longer, sunnier, warmer days than on a computer writing or searching. Maybe that is true for others as well.

I am pleased that my HubPages traffic seems to be picking up. The traffic has been gradually improving over the past few months. In the future, that will only be a good thing. I am constantly amazed by anyone who is able to make any money online since it seems like a lot of effort for so little payout. I have to constantly remind myself that I planting the seeds for future earnings by what I do today and that it will take me another year or two to really figure out what the potential might be.

Clearly, we are talking marathon and not sprint. I am determined to keep at it for at least 2 years and see what happens. I am sure some days, weeks, and months will be better than others. I like the challenge and appreciate the opportunity to learn something new. I am amazed at the amount that I have been able to write so far. I would never have guessed that I could have written so much. A little bit here and a little bit there really adds up. All I can do is keep writing and linking the best that I know how. Things will happen when they happen. Hopefully, everyone else is having a better earnings month at least. If not, keep writing because it can all change at internet speed.


  1. I feel for you that you earnings are down so far in April. My Adsense earnings so far this month have actually stayed reasonably stable (my Amazon earnings are down though albeit from a low level). This is despite doing very little in the way of work other than a tiny bit of backlinking. Whatever the result though, I hope to manage to hit my targets although that may require some serious work for the rest of the month!

  2. BB,
    Thanks for the sympathy. I wish you better luck than I have had for the rest of the month. Glad to see that your AdSense has held up at least.

  3. My projects seem to be pretty stable this month as well.

    Perhaps you should look into starting to work for some other companies as well when writing.

    Perhaps writing the same article like 3-4 times in a row differently so you have unique copies of your work for use on another site as you find them.

  4. Elvenrunelord,
    Glad to here you are doing OK. You have a good suggestion. I have done that in the past when I re-write an article and submit to several locations. Right now is an awfully busy time for me so I am lucky to get done what I am.


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