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Monday, March 29, 2010

March Revenues Disappointing (sort of)

I was fairly excited in February considering the amount of AdSense revenue that I had received from the two blogs, HubPages, and Xomba primarily. I thought that March (with an extra 3 days) would actually do fairly well.

Unfortunately, AdSense revenues have been somewhat disappointing this month. Granted there are still over 2 days left in the month, but there is no way that I will earn as much as I did in February. There are 2 primary reasons that I see for this discrepancy. First, the amount that I am earning per each click is lower. Second, the amount that I am earning from Xomba is way off the pace.

Over the past few months, I have noticed a nice increase in the amount of traffic and revenue via HubPages. I suspect that some of my efforts of last fall are starting to take effect. I can only hope that this positive trend continues. On the other hand, I have not been very active. I have always wondered whether or not Xomba might work well as a source of passive income. The jury is officially still out, but March's results do not bode well overall.

Nevertheless, I do expect some fluctuation. I have to keep in mind that I have never been through a complete annual cycle online. It is possible that I am just seeing normal and seasonal variation. I know the weather is starting to get nicer in the Northern Hemisphere. I also know that I will be wanting to spend more time outside.

On a positive note, earnings at eHow have made a nice improvement compared to February. I look forward to being able to finalize the first quarter's earnings and report them in a few days. My hope is that each year will see a gradual increase in traffic, AdSense impressions, and earnings. So far, so good.


  1. Kidgas, I’ve also noticed that there seems to be an increase in HubPages activity. The last time I placed anything there was in August of 2009 and for some reason I’m noticing a bit more activity in the past two months.

    It’s funny because HubPages started out with a bang and then fizzled. I thought maybe it lost favor with Google or something, but now it seems to be picking up again.

    As far as Google AdSense goes, I’ve noticed that my earnings have steadily decreased. It’s fortunate that I didn’t place all of my eggs in one basket because I’d be very upset right about now if I did. Even with my AdSense revenue dropping some 60% I’ve surpassed last month’s residual income and still have a couple of days to go. It would really be sweet if my AdSense revenue picked back up again. Oh well, such is the pattern of residual earnings.

  2. Felicia,
    Thanks for reading and for your comments.

    My question for you: What source of residual income is picking up the slack with Google AdSense dropping? Thanks in advance.

  3. Funny how things go. My Google Adsense income has actually picked up this month, of course not enough to make payout yet. My Write Moms blog and Triond are the ones paying out the best but I have picked up some small income from HubPages and Xomba. I usually make very little from Adsense, so it is fun to see it pick up a little. My eHow earnings are up 20% from February, even without the fact that March has more days in the month.

  4. My eHow articles are increasing rather nicely. They have been picking up the AdSense slack.

  5. Hmm. My eHow earnings jumped way up. I haven't put anything new there all month. Factoidz always seems to have much more traffic, but pays less. I put up one article there, and it's gotten lots of traffic already, apparently the only reason my earnings there won't be lower than February.

    For some reason, I have gotten nowhere with AdSense. I think I've had a total of two clicks from HubPages since I started writing there. And this month I wrote 20 Hub, 19 for their contest. At the rate things are going, it will take a couple of months for any of them to get the page impressions that one Factoid got over night.

    Xomba has been on again off again for me. At the end of last month, I made a list of all of my contributions and the number of times each had been read. When this month is over, I'll compare to see if anyone reads the older stuff.

    My blogs have no better click through rate than HubPages and Xomba. I wonder what I'm doing wrong to get such dismal results.

    Thanks, Kidgas, for helping me stay sane as I try to figure it out.

  6. Hi. I must admit that my earnings from Adsense in March were much higher than my earnings in February, even accounting for the extra three days. Also, my earnings from Amazon increased greatly, but I can't extrapolate too much from this due to the small number of sales in both months.

  7. DeAnna and Felicia,
    Strong work on eHow. I must say that eHow ended up pretty well for me in March.

    I think your work on the contest will be rewarded, but it will take a few months to see results.

    Congrats on the AdSense for March. And kudos also for getting some Amazon sales. I have had only one in almost a year.

  8. Kidgas, I am sure you may get further Amazon sales - it just takes time. Also if using Hubpages it depends on writing hubs specifically for the selling of goods through Amazon. Before February I had no Amazon sales (probably due to me not setting up the tracking on Hubpages correctly!). I have had about 20 items credited to me, in four separate sales, although three of these sales have come from hubs which have the sole aim of selling items. My final sale is for items which are completely unlinked to any of my hubs, although Im not complaining since it was for lots of specialist software and therefore had a relatively high cost!


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