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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Received Payment from Life123! Yippee!

I received the notification in last night's email that I had received payment from Life123 for all of the articles that I had written. I immediately went to paypal and looked at the payment as well as the account balance. It was certainly a great feeling.

Because I had just over 20 articles, the balance that I received was $400 even! I had already received payment for some of my views previously prior to the shut down of the site. I must say that Life123 was a class act. All of my interactions with the site were very professional.

I am sure the terms of service said that they could shut down the program at any time and for any reason (usually TOS are so long, I don't bother with them). But I doubt they said that Life123 would pay out the full potential amount for the number of views without regard to the actual numbers. In that respect, Life123 went well above and beyond.

I am still disappointed that the program closed and won't be available any longer. I thoroughly enjoyed writing for them. If you get a chance, stop by and read some of my articles and visit the site.


  1. Hi Kidgas,
    I received my payment yesterday from Life123 too, although I only had two articles there. I think you were the smart one - I wish I had placed more articles there! I agree, it was very professional of them to pay out the writers instead of leaving us hanging.

  2. Shame they've shut down, but well done, you! You kinda struck while the iron was hot.

  3. It turns out that I ended up being lucky in a way. Who could have known that it would have turned out this way? But the hard work really paid off and quickly at that. Anyway, I'll take it, that's for sure.

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