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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Do I really look like a guy with a plan?"

One of my favorite movies is "The Dark Knight" in which the late Heath Ledger plays the Joker and utters the words in the title during a hospital scene with the character of Harvey Dent. He goes on to say that he is like a dog chasing cars and wouldn't know what to do if he caught one.

Those words are illustrative of my online career (if you could call it that) so far. I have clearly not had any sort of plan and have flitted from site to site seeing what works and what doesn't as if chasing cars. If you have followed me for any length of time, you know that I started out in May of 2009 at Squidoo, moved on to HubPages and eHow, and Xomba. I have also written a little for InfoBarrel and Triond as well as Life123 which no longer has an author program.

I am not sure if this has been positive or negative. Certainly, I would have gotten more accomplished had I pursued a well-defined plan. But then again, progressing down a path that was not productive is also not wise. Besides, I am still of the opinion that this is more of a hobby than anything else. It is just that this hobby provides a little bit of income, while my golf hobby costs me money.

Never thought I would come this far...

When I started, I didn't think that it would be possible to write as much as I have. This is actually the 100th post for this blog. I am absolutely shocked. I also have over 120 articles at HubPages, over 40 at Xomba, 38 at eHow (though I wrote a few more than that), plus a few odd articles elsewhere. It is simply hard to believe that I could actually generate that much stuff in 10 months.

But maybe it is time to put together a little bit of organization behind my efforts. I don't really want to commit to an all out assault on internet marketing, but I would like to work a little bit smarter. In addition, I would like to see if I can develop my own site. I have some ideas that may or may not work. Either way, I think it would be fun to create something out of nothing.

Toward that end, I purchased Michelle Adam's Site Flipping Guide just this morning. I scanned through it briefly and got fairly nauseous. I am SO scared to actually think about trying to develop my own site. I know absolutely nothing about WordPress or hosting accounts or cpanel. Basically, I don't know jack about anything! But, my intent is to plow on through. It may take some time, but I have never been one to back down from a challenge. I will be sure to keep everyone here updated on my progress as well as some of what I am learning.

Sorry that I haven't posted for awhile. Knowing this was the 100th post, I wanted to make it worthwhile. Also, I wanted to think about my direction with the Site Flipping Guide. It took a bit of time to get up the nerve. Finally, there were some family issues and other things that kept me quite busy last week. Having made the decision to purchase the guide and start making my own sites, I think that this is an excellent topic for the 100th post. Hopefully, by the 200th post, I can have some great success to show for this new direction I am taking. Wish me luck.


  1. Hi Kidgas,
    I don't think it was a waste of time for you to try out different sites and see what works for you. I've done the same thing this past year and it has led me to some really good sites and helped me narrow down where I can earn the most money writing. Good luck with your new venture of blog flipping. I think that sounds very interesting, and in my next life when I have more time I may even try it!


  2. DeAnna,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Actually, the idea was to use the guide to help me create sites for keeping and building. I just thought it would be useful to have a step-by-step guide since I know very little.

  3. My plan is to use flipping for money right now, but ultimately to also build my own sites and keep them. I have a few of my own sites and earn money each month from them, but I need to scale it up a lot. For me I think flipping helps me to pick and choose which to sell and which to keep.

    I totally understand the scared feelings though. I was exactly the same - very nervous to ever start flipping etc but so glad I did. Just be sure to ask at the forum if you need any help at all.

  4. I don't know about site flipping but setting up your own site is pretty easy. I signed up through for hosting, bought two domains so far and hired a guy on odesk to set up the first blog. The second one I set up with a free theme that is working well for me. You can do it!

  5. Ruth,
    As always, thanks for your comments and encouragement. It is nice to be able to have the option of keeping a site or flipping it if cash is needed.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I have been thinking about hostgator and will see what happens. I am busy now and have a few deadlines with work and other things to get done but will work when I am able.


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