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Saturday, September 5, 2009

30 Day Hub Challenge

For those who don't know, I write articles on HubPages and have participated in a couple 30 Day Hub Challenges. When I first joined, a 100 Hub in 30 days challenge was starting. Although I couldn't manage to get 100 Hubs done in 30 days, I did manage to get 30 done in that time frame. It was started by a guy named Courtney Tuttle who is an online money making professional at The Keyword Academy. You should check out his writings since they are incredibly useful. Someday maybe I will even buy his course. Anyway, he made a bunch of money doing this, but he knows what he is doing.

I just recently finished writing another 30 Hubs from the end of July to the end of August, taking my total from 40 to 70. It can be difficult but has been very useful.

Value of a 30 Day Challenge

I just completed an article on what I have learned during my first 3 months writing online. I think it offers some useful insights and will be beneficial for you to read. But I would also like to list several benefits that I received while writing 30 Hubs in 30 days while writing content for eHow as well.
  1. Increase in your article count. You increase the odds of someone (or the search engines) finding your stuff.
  2. Increased traffic. As I continue to publish more and more content, my traffic continually increases. I suspect this is related to number 1.
  3. Increased earnings. More traffic means more opportunities for someone to click on an ad.
  4. Better writing. As I look back at some of my earlier stuff, I think it sucks. I think I should revise it but it is easier to just keep writing new stuff.
  5. Faster writing. I have gotten much more efficient at writing articles and blog posts. As long as I don't have to do any research, I can write an article in 20-30 minutes. This allows me to complete more articles in the same amount of time leading right back to number 1.
  6. See what works. Publishing more content allows you to get an idea of what works and to do more of it.

September Progress

Things are going reasonably well so far in September. My eHow earnings are doing slightly better than expected. HubPages are a little weak so far, although I am getting loads of internal traffic. This is inspiring me to keep publishing. I have written 4 Hubs and 2 eHows so far this month and it is still early.

My great backlink experiment is going well. I am placing links on Xomba and I am averaging about 3 of my eHow articles per day on those sites. I can't really tell if I am getting any increased traffic on eHow since it doesn't tell where the traffic is referred from. I do think that my traffic there is increasing, however. When I go through and work on links for my Hubs, I will be able to tell and will report on that.

I would like to extend a heart-felt "Welcome" to my new follower. You know who you are, and I will check out your page.

That is all I have for today. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

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