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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Online Income Ups and Downs

Well, I am actually making money on the internet! I find it hard to believe that I can write some articles and get paid for it. The prompt for this shock is the receipt of my first eHow payment (up). I saw on the forums that others had received their payment, so I went to my PayPal account and saw the payment. No one can ever take that away. Now the opportunity for residual, passive income exists! I will report exact amounts on the quarterly report.

So far this month the earnings on eHow are on a good pace (up). Unfortunately, Adsense payments for the other sites have not kept pace (down). It was pretty slow at the beginning of the month in August also. Maybe there is hope for the remainder of the month. Today turned out to be a day that produced less than needed to meet the end of month goal.

But, that's OK. I am still writing content, speaking of which...

First Two Articles on InfoBarrel

I published my first two articles on InfoBarrel this past week and am starting to see views. I haven't earned anything yet. I didn't expect to. I suspect that I will see something by the end of the month which will add to the Adsense earnings at HubPages. I think I can see the first payout by the end of the year. I need to keep publishing at a steady pace to accomplish this goal.

I had some writer's block last night and was probably suffering from a little burnout. I have some ideas now and should be able to get something done over the next few days on each site. I have made good progress on HubPages but am having some difficulty coming up with anything for eHow after the 6 quick articles last week. Oh well, like I said, if the ideas show with them and get the content out there. Otherwise, I will work on other activities to support my online income.

That's all I had for this evening. Until next time...Oh, check out my articles at InfoBarrel. Here are the links:

6 Reasons You Should Be Investing in Gold Now
Advantage of Trading Around a Core Stock Position

Ouch, while I was getting these links, I looked at the ads by my articles. They are not very relevant. They were actually the same for both articles. I wonder if they were some sort of default ads. I can't believe that I don't have the appropriate keywords in the articles that the ad bots can't figure out the context. Huh? I wonder what's up with that. I will have to check back on this later.

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