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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goals, Goals, and More Goals

I think you can figure out from the title that this post will be amount goals. First, I want to look at my longer term goals.

I would like to be persistent enough so that by the end of June 2018, I will be making $3000 per month online. Why this amount at this time? That is the time that my youngest will be 18 and leaving for college. I figure that $3000 per month should about cover college costs for her in 9 years. After that, I can add that figure to supplement my retirement income which will help out a lot in sure. At least it won't hurt.

Breaking It Down

Now to get there I figure that if I can get to $1000 per month in three years, and if nothing else, repeat the process two more times, I am set. So, the question becomes how to get to $1000 per month in 3 years. There are 12 quarters in 3 years meaning that I need to get just over $80 monthly in each quarter.

Obviously, it will be more difficult and move more slowly at the beginning since I am starting from zero. I will do my best to shoot for that goal, however. That means that ideally I would be at $80 monthly here at the end of September. I won't be there. I can just make sure that I close the gap and keep track of progress.

Amount of Content

If I can average $1 per article per month, then I would need to publish 80 articles per quarter. Realistically, I should aim for 80-100 in case I don't quite make that much. Also, I need to do whatever I can to boost traffic.

Ultimately, it is certainly feasible as long as I keep publishing something each and every day. Whether it is an article or a blog post is probably not as important as much as whether or not it is consistent. This leads me to the October content, traffic, and earnings goals.

October Goals

HubPages: This has become my primary site. The earnings per article are not as good as eHow, but I started here and some of my early stuff wasn't all that great. I think I am getting better. I have 90 Hubs. I want to have at least 100 by the end of October. I would also like to get to 10,000 total views. I am just over 6500. I think it is possible.

eHow: This is a great site for earnings. Per article, it is better for me than HubPages. The articles have become harder for me to write and motivation is tough. I am at 39 eHows. I would like to get one done tomorrow and add 10 more to finish at 50 by the end of October. I would ultimately like to have a minimum of 100 articles at each site by the end of the first year of writing. My goal for traffic has been met for September. I would like to get close to 4500 total views by the end of October. That will take some effort (feel free to stop by and send all your friends to my eHow articles. LOL)

Xomba: What a great site with a ton of potential. I have not utilized this site as effectively as I could. I will be posting more articles here in October. I have primarily thought of this site as a place for links. I think I am underestimating earnings potential. I will be writing a lot of stuff here over the next few months to see what I can accomplish.

InfoBarrel: I did finally get my first earnings for this site. I think there is also potential here as well. After hitting 100 Hubs, I will probably start working more and more on the other 3 sites to build up my article count. I don't have any particular goals in October but hope to add some more material.

My Online Income: I will continue to post 2-3 times per week at least. I am having a good time sharing my experiences and documenting my journey. Plus, this site is actually earning some money. More than I thought it would. Cool!

Real Assets: I will continue to develop this blog as well posting 2-3 times per week also. I can see that there is probably earnings potential here as well.

Adsense: I don't know that I can give out exact numbers, but I would like to increase my ad impressions by almost 50%. This may not be as difficult as I think if I work more on Xomba and InfoBarrel.

Overall, I am rather optimistic that I can achieve the majority of my writing goals. I will also be working on traffic and trying my hand at some SEO. I will see what happens. The bottom line is that I just need to keep plugging away, learning as I go. I think I can handle that.

Finally, I just want to say thanks to everyone who takes the time to come by and read what I have to say. I appreciate it and hope you are learning something. I want to make the time you spend here useful and productive. Thanks for reading.

Until next time--I can't wait 'cause it will be my first quarterly earnings report. Yippee!

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