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Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Off to Fast Start

WOW! Yesterday was my biggest traffic day ever at HubPages with a total of 102 views on Google Analytics. I am unsure what prompted it, but I'll take it nonetheless. I have noticed in the past that, when posting Hubs, there will be a bump in traffic so maybe that has something to do with it. Also, just a view here and a view there of some of the older Hubs can add up pretty quickly. Now it is just a matter of converting those views to revenue.

I do know that it is unlikely that my link campaign added to the HubPage traffic since I started with eHow. I am posting 4 links to my eHow articles each day on Xomba and Shetoldme. I know that people are seeing the links but really can't tell if people are going to the articles. I do know that the eHow traffic has been fairly respectable with 30-50 visitors daily.

Furthermore, traffic at this blog has been nice with 8 visits yesterday and 10 on Tuesday. Plus, I got my 2nd follower of this blog. I want to personally say, "Welcome". And since I know who it is, I will suggest that you go to her blog and check out what she has to say about making money online also.

Earnings Streak Continues

For those who might not know, I have been in the midst of an earnings streak that began on August 9. Every day since then I have earned at least something either from this blog (only once), HubPages, or eHow. A few days it was only $0.01, but it was something. Well the streak continues. Better yet is that for the first two days of September, I earned something with eHow and HubPages. So, earnings are getting more consistent.

Unemployed at YouData

I just wanted to update everyone about earning money online with YouData. I have not gotten any ads since August 8th. I even wrote a Hub about the topic which generated some interest including a comment from YouData. It is an interesting and good article if I do say so myself. Some of the HubPages traffic is related to that article. You can check it out here:

Making Money Online with YouData Just Doesn't Compute!

Well, that is all I had for today. I am having fun, writing articles and trying to promote traffic. As I get more and more views, the earnings should come. I did stretch my goal this month with $60 so I hope I at least come close. Til next time.


  1. Hi,
    It's interesting reading about your goals and successes with residual income. I am now following you. Good luck with your goals.

  2. Thank you very much for following me. I plan on keeping this blog updated and posting 2-3 times per week. Thanks also for the luck. I wish you the best in your endeavors as well.


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