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Monday, August 31, 2009

An August Goals Review and Setting Goals for September

Ok, so in this post I would like to look back at my August goals and summarize my accomplishments and then set the goals for September. I think it is very important to do this so that you can get more done by trying to stay focused. I think I may write a hub on this as well since I still have to get 3 done today to make it to 70 total (yeah right!). It may be possible, but I'm not gonna stress over it. I would like to thank everyone who is coming by to read this blog. I hope that it can help someone who might be trying to make money online.

August Recap

HubPages: The goal was to have 70 Hubs done by the end of the month. Currently, I have 67 with about 19 hours left to go. It could be done but depends on how much time I have later in the day. I had hoped to have total views of 1500 for the month and actually ended at over 1600. I had also hoped to earn $10 this month and exceeded that amount by quite a bit. Overall, a good showing with HubPages.

eHow: The goal was to get 30 eHows done, and I did this. I haven't written there in about a week since I was done (had pushed this one) and have been playing catch-up with the Hubs. I wasn't sure what to expect on views but will end the month with over 1000 total views. I had hoped to earn $2 but made it over $10 and will be getting paid in September. Yippee!!

Squidoo: This site is pointless for me. I only have one lens in the top 85,000 and have yet to see any revenue other than from an Amazon sale. I haven't really worked on this site and will spend my time focusing elsewhere. I will likely drop this from the goals and focus elsewhere.

My Online Income Blog: My goals were to get 5-10 views per day average although in another post, I had hoped for 15. The first is what ended up happening. I have been getting a slight amount of increased traffic since the blog carnival. Plus, I did get one click so this blog actually earned something in the month of August.

September Goals

September is going to add a little something new to the goals and essentially become a month of link building experimentation to see how much I can drive traffic. I still want to produce content and will actually be writing a lot but will also link build as much as possible.

HubPages: My writing goal will to be at 80 Hubs by the end of September. Originally, I had thought that I wanted to be at 200 Hubs by the end of the year, but that was before writing for eHow. Now, I am just planning on having 200 articles total between the two sites. I am not sure as to the distribution but will be pleased to achieve this as I will have a project or two at work to get done which will cut into my online money making time. I also hope to add 2000 views of my Hubs which would put total views at 5650 since starting. My earnings expectations for HubPages for September is a bit of a stretch at $30.

eHow: My writing goal will be to produce 20 eHows by the end of September bringing the total to 50. Coupled with HubPages that is 30 articles for the month or 1 per day which is still a lot of writing. I am at just over 1000 views total. I hope to add just under 1500 for the month to bring my total to 2500 views. I also hope to earn in the neighborhood of $20.

Xomba: I just started on Xomba in the last 3 days. It is a social bookmarking site that displays your Adsense code. I have actually earned a little bit already. My goal for September is to add links to my articles on HubPages and eHow at a rate of 2 per day. I also plan on adding another couple links and writing a small article (150 words is their minimum) each day for a total of 5 posts per day during the month. This should take 20-25 minutes and is really mindless activity that I can do anytime during the day. With this, I hope to average about 10 Adsense impressions daily and hope to make somewhere between $5-$10.

Shetoldme: This site is similar to Xomba but without the article aspect. I will be using it for my article links. I have no other expectations for the site since it seems relatively new. Any Adsense earnings would be a bonus.

My Online Income Blog: I simply plan on posting 2-3 times per week and just hoping that traffic increases slowly over time. I have no expectations for earnings but will be thankful for anything I get. I think I will submit to one blog carnival again this month.

Well, there you have it. A lot of work will be in store for the month of September. I hope I stretched myself a little bit. Earning $60 in the month is a stretch in my opinion but is realistically achievable as well. I have been watching traffic slowly increase across all sites and earnings also. Just have to see what September brings.


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