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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Made It Into the Blog Carnival

Well, I mentioned that I had signed up to be part of a blog carnival, and I made it in. It was published on the 21st. I suspect that anybody who signed up got in but that's OK. It was still a nice little ego boost. I have not seen a huge spike in traffic but who knows what will happen over time. I feel a little obligated to include a link to the blog carnival in case you want to check out some of the other authors' posts. There is some decent stuff there. Here is the link:

I will keep an eye on traffic over the next several weeks and will likely submit to other carnivals in the future since it took a small amount of time. Who knows what might happen?

I want to personally thank all those from HubPages who come over and read my blog. It feels really good to know that someone is actually stopping by. Please feel free to comment periodically. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask as well.


I can't believe that I have already surpassed my August earning goals and there is still one week left. I am in the process of mentally forming goals for September and will post them this upcoming weekend. I am currently in the process of a 14 day earning streak. I thought it might have ended at 12 days but managed to earn $0.01 on Adsense on day 13 so officially the streak continues. It is such a nice feeling to earn a little something each day. It sure beats the 4 and 5 day dry streaks that I had been experiencing. Writing for eHow has been such a benefit in the earnings category in this regard. On days that I don't get anything from HubPages, I get something at eHow and vice versa. About half my articles on eHow have earned something so far. Be sure to check out this blog at the end of September when I post my first quarterly earnings report (which will include June as well).

HubPages 30 Day Challenge

The 30 day challenge continues. I actually gave myself an extra week to get to 70 Hubs by the end of August. I seem to be on pace with 8 more Hubs to go and 8 days left in August. It will still be tough. I am usually quite busy during the week and the upcoming one is no exception. I had a slight dry spell where I couldn't think of anything to write. I guess you could say it was idea block and maybe a lack of motivation with a pinch of burn-out. But I am feeling better now and think I can do this.

I am at 27 eHow articles with one in the can so to speak but just not published. I am confident that I can get to my goal of 30 by the end of August at which time I will make sure I get all the Hubs done. Then if there is any time left, I will crank out some more eHows.

That is all I had for now. Until next time.

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