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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maximizing My Earnings in Minimal Time

I just posted a couple articles about maximizing earnings by being efficient with my research time. I posted one at HubPages and one at eHow. I talked about spending a few hours researching a topic and writing a nice prose article that I use at HubPages. I also save all of my work on a word processing program including links to all my research in case I want to use the information later to post on another content site. Then I can simply revamp the article a little and in about 30 minutes have another source of income.

Here are the links if you want to check them out to see how I made the transition from article to "how to" format (notice how I got a backlink):

HubPages article: Make Money Faster Through Productivity in Research

eHow article: How to Make Money Faster Through Productivity in Research (I am wondering about the title, however. Not sure if it seems a little awkward. It may get revamped in a few months.)

Right now, I am focusing most of my attention on HubPages and eHow. As mentioned, I will write an article over the course of one hour if I don't need to research or up to 4 or 5 if I do. Then, I can immediately turn around and in 20-30 minutes convert the format to "how to" for the eHow site. This has worked really well for me and has allowed me to triple my income this month since eHow is earning almost twice as much as HubPages right now. Furthermore, the extra article gives me an instant backlink to expose more of my work to the web, especially those articles that may not fit a particular format. Not to mention, I can get a blog post out of it. One decent idea can then carry me quite far and be used for many different audiences.

Please feel free to offer advice and comment. Until next time.

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