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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Staying Motivated

I just finished two articles on things I do to stay motivated while trying to make income online. Generating online income can be a very daunting task and take quite a bit of effort. I have been spending quite a bit of time over the past 2 1/2 months and can see where people would start to give up after this time. But, if you can get through the first 6 months or so, I suspect it will be well worth it and that the earnings will eventually follow. I would like to summarize my points in the articles (one is at HubPages and one at eHow). If you would like to read them, I have included the links:

How to Stay Motivated When Making Money Online

Making Money Online: How to Stay Motivated

To summarize my points:
1. Set goals that I can control like number of articles. I can't click on ads or generate revenue but I can put out content on a regular basis.
2. Don't set unreasonable goals. Setting yourself up for failure is not a good idea.
3. Use some of your time for less mentally taxing tasks like forum posts. This keeps you in public view but is not as demanding as researching and writing articles.
4. Take a vacation from the computer entirely just like you would offline.
5. Look at others making money online and look at how they started out. Many of the people making thousands per month started out small like me making only a few dollars. It just takes time.

I hope this post has been helpful. Please feel free to comment or check out the full articles.


I just wanted to also take some time to provide a quick update on my activities at the various article sites.

I have completed my 56th hub at HubPages and seem to be on target for getting done with 70 by the end of the month. Traffic is good although earnings are somewhat anemic. I am still pleased with the progress here.

I have completed 19 articles at eHow. Traffic is doing very well vs HubPages and the earnings there are picking up the slack that is happening at HubPages. I am inspired to keep going at eHow since things are starting off so well there. My goal was to get 30 articles by the end of the month, and I feel like I am on target. eHow seems to be the best use of my time giving me the most "bang for my buck".

Squidoo seems like a waste of time to me. Having to compete to get into the top tiers is just too difficult for me at this point. I have not made any more lenses and Squidoo is very low on my priority list due to its business model. I will be focusing my attention on HubPages and eHow for now. If I do have extra time, I would probably look at other sites before returning to Squidoo.

Until next time.

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