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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Inspiring E-Mail

I signed up for a free e-book about making money online and have been getting some emails as well. Yesterday's email was actually quite good and inspiring. They are all pretty good especially if you are just starting out. But yesterday's was about the amount of time it takes to make money online. The answer was interesting to say the least and boils down to the fundamental heart of the issue. Basically, it takes longer than the vast majority of people are willing to spend and stay focused, but less time than you might suspect.

They also provide an interesting scenario assuming that you can get to $1,000 per month online after 1 year of hard work. Then, by increasing your monthly income by 5% monthly, at the end of three more years, you will be making $6,000 per month. That is truly inspiring.

Getting to $1,000 per month

Now for me, the trick becomes getting to $1,000 per month first. I have been doing this for almost 3 full months now and am starting to see results but even $1,000 per month seems like a daunting task. Writing for HubPages and eHow, I might be able to pull down $1 per article per month which means that I would have to have 1,000 articles between the two sites. Granted I am almost to 100, but 900 more seems impossible at this point. Earnings are picking up, and I can see the potential there. It will certainly be tough to get to that first stepping stone in the next 9 months, but it is worth a try.

I suspect that writing for content will not be the only way to go. However, I don't feel as if I am ready to move on to the next level until I get a little more experience. Since I am doing this part time, it may take a little longer for me to get going. I will just have to see. The next step for me is to get to $100 per month and go from there. That certainly seems feasible and breaking up the larger goals into smaller ones can keep one moving forward instead of giving up.

So, take your larger longer term goals and break them up into smaller chunks that seem feasible. You will ultimately get where you want to go.

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