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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Online Income Quarterly Earnings Report

Here is the moment that we have all been waiting for! The official numbers are in! Be ready to be amazed and shocked!

Ok, maybe it's not quite that dramatic. But I sure am excited considering the fact that 4 short months ago I was earning absolutely zero, zilch, nada online. It has been a lot of work but I can say that I did it all. I built it all from scratch. So without further delay, Kidgas's online income report for the 3rd quarter of 2009!

(and I know there are four months...since I started at the end of May, I didn't want to have just one month in the second quarter or start doing this monthly. This is the only time that my quarterly reports will have 4 months.)

Quarterly Earnings

Month Squidoo Adsense eHow YouData Total

June 2009 0 4.15 0 3.74 7.89

July 2009 0 6.94 0 .47 7.41

August 2009 0 20.85 13.76 .19 34.80

September 09 3.51 27.50 27.19 .60 58.80

Looking at the numbers, I would like to point out a few things:

  • The total for the whole quarter was $108.90.

  • I only have 5 Squidoo lenses. The majority of the earnings were due to someone ordering books off Amazon.

  • Adsense includes HubPages, this blog, and Xomba.

  • For the number of articles, eHow is by far the best earner.

  • The earnings from writing content have increased each month.

I anticipate being able to continue to increase my earnings each and every month for the next quarter as well. As mentioned in my last post, I need to be making $80 per month by the end of each quarter to get to $1000 monthly by the end of 3 years. Right now I have a $20 monthly deficit since I almost got to $60 monthly. That is certainly OK since I am just getting started.

If I can generate an additional $30 monthly earnings in each of the next three months, that would put me right on track and mean that I would be making about $150 in the month of December.

It will take quite a bit of work these next three months. I will probably have to continue posting articles at the rate of 1 per day. Doing that would mean another 90 articles in addition to the ones I already have putting the total over 200. I would then be expecting that I would earn 0.75 per article per month on average. That is happening for me at eHow, and I suspect that with increased traffic can happen across all sites.

All told, it looks like I could be on track to meet my longer term goals. I just need to maintain the persistent and consistent effort that got me through these first 4 months. I hope that this information has been helpful and encouraging to you.

I am not a writer or internet marketer by trade. I started with no knowledge regarding making money online but have read all I can on the internet. I have made some mistakes and will make some more. My goal has been to develop an income stream without any monetary investment. Classic bootstrapping. I have done that and will continue to grow that income stream through good old-fashioned effort. I hope you continue with me on the journey and learn something along the way. Please feel free to share your knowledge with me as well.

Until next time.

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