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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Unpredictability is Killing Me

I am truly amazed by the emotions that can occur when trying to make money online. I have been cool as a cucumber the last few days. But today, I am extremely frustrated since I am getting essentially NO traffic over at HubPages. It is like all of my articles just fell off the internet. I am so surprised! Unless things pick up later this evening, it will turn out to be the worst day for me in months for that site.

And yet, eHow traffic is fairly stable with a respectable amount of revenue (my usual roughly $1.00) so I shouldn't be complaining or feeling the way I do. Furthermore, the traffic here at this blog has been great. According to the AdSense data, this has been probably the best day ever. Of course, there is no revenue associated with it, but oh well. That will eventually work itself out.

I thought I had the emotional roller coaster under control. But I must admit that I don't have it all together yet. I can't imagine what those who depend on this income for bills must feel. Arrgh! That would drive me nuts. I really don't have anything to complain about since I have already earned more than last month and will likely see a slightly increased number of AdSense impressions. I am just frustrated that the HubPages traffic hasn't held up or my numbers would have been lots better.

It makes me wonder whether or not I should be focusing my attention toward HubPages as much or not. There are so many options and so many sites, it becomes difficult to know what to do. I certainly admire anyone who can make a living doing this type of thing. In fact, anyone making over $500 per month has got to be simply amazing. I am still impressed with most people who have their own blog on their own domain and make it look good. I don't think this one looks all that great, but at least I think the content is decent. OK, at least it's honest and straight up. And it always will be.

I feel a little bit better now that I have had a chance to vent. I suspect that tomorrow is another day, and things will be better. I did get an article written for Xomba today and noticed that my Money & Investing feature article is on the front today. That is always an uplifting feeling. And I am especially excited that I get to play some golf tomorrow. I hope it doesn't rain, but I do have rain gear if needed. That is all I had for now. Thanks for listening and reading. I appreciate everyone who stops by. Next time I will discuss the goals for November. There's no rest, is there?


  1. Kidgas,

    Do you have Google Analytics enabled for your HubPages account? I was just curious to see how much of your traffic comes from the search engines as opposed to internal Hubber traffic.

    On another note, I just read your Xomblurb or whatever they are called on how Xomba listed higher than your Hub Page article. I just noticed the same thing today myself. I wrote the full article on Hubpaes and posted a Xombyte just to get a quick back link and the Byte is already on page 3 of Google. I just don't know if I can deal with the 50/50 revenue split on Xomba, that seems like alot.

    Anyway, keep at it and you'll get the traffic issues sorted out in no time.

  2. 1974,
    I do have Google Analytics and also use HubPages internal statistics. My HubPages traffic has been steady at 40% of my overall traffic since I started.

    I hope to decrease that so that Google will take the top spot.

    I am doing well on Xomba despite the 50/50. And I will keep working on the traffic. I am sure that it will get better as my writing has.

  3. I have just found your blog after you stopped by and commented on yours. I understand your frustration about HubPages. I did about 90-something hubs there but it hasn't really paid off. In total I'm not sure how much I made, but it isn't that much. Now I am focusing on my own sites, though I find it hard to have time for it all! You're right, it's unpredictable and is hard sometimes, but it's also what makes it so fun.

    And even if your blog doesn't look fancy, I still think being honest and simply telling your story has real value :)

  4. Thanks Ruth. But I'm not sure if I appreciate your definition of fun :)


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