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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Traffic

What is it about my weekend traffic? It is not so bad on this blog, but on all my other writing sites, I notice a huge decrease in the amount of traffic I see on the weekends. Now I know that the weather today was fabulous. I was outside throwing the football with my son. I also know that Saturday is a big day for college football and Sunday is good for the NFL (I am watching the Bears get killed by the Bengals as I write).

But it is hard for me to figure out why the big drop. I suppose it could be the fact that people surf a lot at work. Maybe it is because my topics are more financial and business related rather than entertainment topics. Business occurs during the week, entertainment on weekends. Oh well, I suppose I will just keep doing what I am doing and trust that over time, the average amount of traffic will improve.

Rough Few Days

It has been a rough few days for writing. I have not been especially motivated to get much writing done. I am sure that is only temporary, however. I am starting to get used to the ups and downs in earnings, the writer's block and the varied emotional states that occur with getting started in making money online.

I appreciate all the support of others during those times, especially those that are so kind to follow me and those that I know regularly read what I have to say. I still think it is cool that I was able to make AdSense payout and the SEO experiment has worked so well. When I am feeling somewhat bummed about traffic, I just need to look at those things and say, "I can do this!"

Gearing Up for the Week Ahead

So, as I gear up for the week ahead, I want to try and finish the month of October with a bang and begin thinking about what I would like to accomplish during the month of November. I can take heart knowing that the traffic will increase as the week gets going, and I have already earned more this month that last. I think taking the past 36 hours off from writing has been a good thing for me. That is all I had for now.

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  1. Hi,
    Funny, but it is just the opposite for me. My website as well as my articles on such sites as eHow and Suite101 receive more views on weekends as compared to weekdays. I guess subject matter has much to do with it.

    I added you to my Residual Blogs I Follow section of my blog. Thanks for having my blog on your page as well. I've had a few hits from here so hope I can return the favor.



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