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Monday, November 2, 2009

Contributor At Life123

Hey, here is that interesting news! I am a contributor for the site After reading DeAnna's review of Life123, I decided to try it out. If you haven't guessed by now, I tend to do things and discover for myself how they work. Not only that, I think I was somewhat bummed by the fact that the residual earnings in the second half of October weren't all that great after an awesome start.

As she states in her review, it was easy to sign up. I supplied a small amount of information including my pen name, "Kidgas" and my paypal address. I submitted my first article for publication after reading their requirements (a few special things with writing format). It was accepted after editorial review which took about 16 hours. Now I am considered a contributor and can submit up to 10 articles a month. I don't know if that is a calendar month or a thirty day period.

Anyway, I have submitted 5 total articles that are currently live on the site. It has taken about 20 minutes on average for them to appear and get out of the pending stage. Three were done in October and 2 in November so far. You may wonder why I am doing this so allow me to explain my thoughts. In all honesty, I am going after some low hanging fruit. It only takes 50 views to earn $5. That's $0.10 each view. Then you are paid an additional $5 for the next 500 views and $10 for the final 500 views. After that, you can earn no more money for that article.

For me, this represents a way of diversifying my income stream while not giving up on the prospect of residual income. Plus, it is very simple to put together 300 or 400 words without a picture or any links. It has taken me about 30-40 minutes to put together each article. One of them already has 8 views. Comparing that to my experience on InfoBarrel, I have 6 articles there with differing amounts of views. The bottom line is that 4 of them have exceeded the 50 view minimum meaning that I could have earned $20 so far versus the actual $1.48 that I have earned.

On the other hand, I am 3 months into eHow and have 42 articles there. I have earned on average $1.48 per article in that time frame and could surpass the $20 mark on several of my articles in the span of one year. HubPages has 108 articles and I have earned $80.57 or almost $0.75 per article over 5 months. Of course several of those represent my earliest worst efforts at writing online with poor keyword choices. For someone just starting out, I think both approaches is perfectly acceptable. It is nice to have the prospect of seeing a paypal deposit within about 6 weeks of starting out. I plan on using my money from Life123 for domain and hosting expenses eventually.

In my next blog post, I want to lay out a plan for anyone to get started making money online which incorporates both upfront and residual income opportunities to show how it might work and what the possibilities are. In the meantime, please feel free to visit any or all of my 5 current articles on Life123. I have conveniently included the links:

Stock Investing Greats and the Lessons They Teach

Make Your Retirement Savings Automatic

Transient Global Amnesia (already has 8 views)

12 Tips to Save Gas, Save Money, Save the Planet

Taking Pain and Making Pearls

As you can see, I am getting a good start on building links for the month of November. Thus, I am able to accomplish several things with this one post, namely build links for potential income at Life123 and provide useful information to everyone reading this blog.

My plan is to publish several more articles in the 300-400 word range up to my quota on Life123 for this month and add those earnings in November and December. I am thinking that I should be able to get $15-20 for November and up to $30 in December added to my residual amounts. Whether or not I continue may simply depend upon what I am doing with the residual online income. I am still finding my way through all of this, and you are simply along for the ride. Feel free to learn from my mistakes and improve upon what I do.

As mentioned, for the next post I would like to put together a little system for anyone wanting to start out or organize their work flow better. And if anyone else is writing for Life123 or is considering it, just comment or shoot me an email at

As always, thanks so much for reading my blog.


  1. Interesting, although life123 sounds like very short term residual income. Hubpages is great, you just need to know how to pick the right keywords like you said. Another great site is They are simliar to hubpages where you get a cut of the adsense impressions but they pay 75% instead of 60%. By writing more articles, you can increase it up to 90% for a month. Hubpages is stronger but like you said, diversification is a good thing.

    Hopefully you have your own niche sites as well. Seeing that you read Griz's blog, I'm guessing you do.

  2. Hi,

    Happy to hear that Life123 is working out well for you. I figured that it wouldn't take long to make the first $5. At eHow, it can take months to make that on one article, depending upon the subject of the article. When you think about it, $20 for a 300-400 word article isn't all that bad either. Demand Studios only pays $15. If I wasn't so busy with other writing obligations, I'd seriously consider trying Life123 myself. Can't wait to hear how long it takes to make the next 500 views on the articles.


  3. DeAnna,
    I will be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress at Life123. I am hoping to hit the $10 payout in November, meaning that at least 2 of the articles hit the 50 view mark. Right now, I have one at 10 and a couple at 8 views with plenty of month to go.

    I haven't done any serious marketing yet so I will try to do that some as well.

    Don't have any niche sites yet. That is the next step. Nice recent post on your blog.


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