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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Online Income Inspiration

It can, at times, be discouraging to do several hours of research for an article only to have few visitors and no earnings. Multiply that times tens of articles, and it is easy to see why many people quit writing for online income within a month or two of starting out. I also get discouraged at times when I look back and realize that no one is clicking on any of my ads for several days in a row. So, what do I do during those times?

First, I remember what my college football weight coach would tell us. The times that you don't feel like doing something is the time that you get the most out of it. Why? Because lesser people won't do it (in our case it was lifting weights), and that's when you will start to close the gap on your goals. So when I don't feel like writing because I am discouraged, I write anyway.

Second, I remind myself that everybody has to start somewhere. We all start with that first article or that first blog post when we have absolutely no readers. I try to look at sites and posts that show me the possibilities and remind myself to keep going. Some examples:

  • Felicia at nojobformom is closing in on $2000 per month passive income.
  • Lissie, whom I met at HubPages, recently made $2000 in one month and is striving to make that consistently.
  • Maria makes well over $1000 per month on eHow.
  • Of course, Griz makes thousands per month with an ugly blogger blog.
  • Livingoffdividends is one of my most favorite passive income sites. In fact, it was the inspiration for me to try my hand at internet income.
  • Pat, from gives this annual report after being laid off. Granted, he was at it full time and wrote an ebook, but he pulled in over $200,000.
  • Bob at writes this post on making money from a blog. He also got laid off, but pay attention to the graph of earnings and how it takes off after the first year. Gotta stick with it.
  • Finally, this is my favorite post for inspiration. I have it bookmarked and have read it 4 times now. If you link to nothing else, link to this one. $100,000 from AdSense in a year is huge, but you have to stick with it.
As you can see, those that are making the most are those that stick with it. If you are able to make money online full time, then great! You will make it to that level that much quicker. If you are like me and can't work full time, at least try to do a little something each day. It may take longer to reach your goals, but don't be discouraged. It will happen. Slowly and surely, one day at a time. Just stick with it.

Odds and Ends

First, I want to thank DeAnna at WriteMoms for linking to my last post on an online income strategy for WAHM. You can see the link to her blog on the right. Be sure to visit her blog. I do several times each week. I am sure she is responsible for my 2 new followers. Welcome to you both.

Second, I would like everyone to notice the new RSS feed to my articles at Life123. You can read about my becoming a contributor at Life123.

Finally, I would like to feature several of my eHow articles which have not yet earned anything. There are 6 of them out of 42 total articles. Maybe the links will help them out in the search engines:

That is all for today. Thanks for reading.


  1. You are welcome and I hope you get many more clicks! Like you, I keep motivated by seeing how others are doing with their residual income. Thank goodness they are willing to share. Don't fret too much about the articles that are not earning yet. I've had articles like that - with hundreds of clicks and no earnings and then suddenly they start making money. Also, you can try re-publishing the non-earners elsewhere to see if they do better on another site. I've found that an article may do badly on one site and yet become a top article at another. Who knows why?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. This is a really inspiring post - you're so right that it's something to be proud of when you can keep going through those tough moments. I get them too, and sometimes it seems really bad, but somehow I pull through every time and I always feel like I make progress. Just going to check out some of those bloggers you linked to :)


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